almost full moon

moon, not satisfied

reaches for the big dipper

one more swig til full




~~ smj

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14 Comments to “almost full moon”

  1. 3 lines…. full meaning…

  2. The imagery is so much bigger than the poem!
    You are mastering Haiku.

  3. Succinct and very visual.

  4. Beautifully cute, you say so much with so little.

  5. Harshika –
    thank you for the read and comment. yes… I’m growing more fond of haiku for that reason… so much packed into so little….

    chris –
    hey… thanks dawg. =) you think so? I don’t know… but, appreciate the nice note. =)

    tobeme –
    hello friend. thanks for visiting… glad you liked this since I always appreciate so much of what you write.

    jingle –
    thank you for saying so. =)

    an imperfect servant –
    =) thank you. that is the whole idea of the haiku… to say so much with so little… right? It works well.

    buttercup –
    well thanks… I appreciate your visit and kind words…. or kind word, as it was. =)

  6. Ah, Sam, this is wonderful!

  7. very beautiful haiku samantha :)

  8. I thought this was very cute and clever. Good job.

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