Whispering Wind

hear her whisper
through  the trees


dancing playfully
with the leaves  


secrets falling from her lips
pass right through her fingertips
blow out cobwebs from my mind
make room for truths she’ll share in time
only in her own sweet time


until then I feel her here,
never far, always near,
keeping company with the rest
angels, ghosts, my unseen guests
where laws and boundaries transgress


sting my cheeks
steal my breath


dry my tears
I am swept



~~ smj

22 Comments to “Whispering Wind”

  1. OMG!!! this is so lovely :)

    you can really hear the wind speak through this poem :)

    lovely work :D

    • Harshika – thank you so much. =) this was inspired on a hot summer’s night… when sitting outside.. and hearing the ssssshhhhhhhh noise of the leaves rustling a little in the wind…

  2. it really is love the structure of it…the constant shh….i felt that breeze…

  3. what lovely write…
    thank you for the mind blowing comment in my place.
    u rock!

  4. Wow…the way you weave words with so much emotion, blows my mind every single time. You Rock!! ~ Hugs x

  5. What a delightful read.. :) nice work

  6. Aha, long time no see. I like this, I had to write a concrete poem in creative writing last month and I am so bad at it. I just took one of my own and made it go all crazy like this. :) I used Conversations With Clouds and just drug the stanzas all over the page so they looked like clouds. :) actually it looks a lot like this. :)

    I will try to do some more prose and post it. That was my big whammy attempt at a short story for class, but she told me it was the best thing I had turned in yet. All I really did was rip off my Incubus poem :) and left out the juicy parts. :)

    Although, I did write a short story about my Grandfather, but I don’t think I will post it because it just doesn’t fit my blog. I must have done something right because I made everyone in my workshop cry, including my instructor.

    Well, she said she wanted something “incredible”

    Anyway, I am working on my finals, a portfolio of my work for the class. It’s twenty-five pages long so far and I still need to write a “reflective essay” so tack on about three or four more pages. Like I told my instructor, it’s not humanly possible for me to underwrite–except poetry. ;)

    Take care, I’ll be around more in a couple of weeks..

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you Charles – you busy man you…
      I do hope to see more prose from you.. So? You’re a wordy man… sometime.s.. you need to just SPILL more than you can spill into a short poem. =)

  7. I found this rather exquisite and have linked it on my homepage – A Select Few.
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. Lovely – a very ‘audible’ poem.


    • Val – thanks….. Yes, when I read this… once again I can hear the wind blowing thru the leaves… or is it the leaves rustling in the wind?? Either way… audible is a good word. Thanks. =)

  9. Oh, is it every worth sharing. It’s beautiful. How are you beautiful lady? Missed you. Sara

    • Sara – thank you. So nice to see your smiling face (even if it’s a picture… lol ;)… I’m doing well… hope you are too. Will have to catch up at your place soon. =)

  10. You speak through nature’s beauty and your words flow with the wind. Beautiful imagery, dear.

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