who, what, why

so now I wonder

who you are and what you  know

and why I care so

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10 Comments to “who, what, why”

  1. Lovely!
    Beautiful picture you have created here!

  2. Ah!! Realization huh, that something different is happening somewhere within?
    I totally get you, friend!!! Been there myself…

    Excellent put in such few words!

  3. perhaps you know more than you know.

  4. purplepuppet –
    thank you. =) I’m always curious what kind of images others see in their heads… and how close it is to my own…

    Kavita –
    Thank you… something is different… yes. Something is out in the open… actually… more and more is… and, part of me isn’t sure I Iike it like that.. and part of me wonders what the big deal is… and why I should care….?

    mossy –
    perhaps. perhaps we all do.

    Jingle –
    I’m honored… and have been away for a few days.. so, will have to play catch up with the award things… I’m not sure I CAN keep up with you.. but, I thank you nonetheless….

    Akeith –
    Thank you for venturing over to say so. Always good to “see” you… Need to catch up on your blog soon too.. Take care.

  5. wow.. you have.. a “magical” way with words.. Superb haiku..

  6. Sam, what’s your twitter username?

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