play it again Sam

this one takes me back
brings euphoric déjà vu
play it again, Sam

~ smj


17 Comments to “play it again Sam”

  1. I heard it too. I know what you mean

  2. been there… quite a joyride, however repetitive it is!

  3. “play it again”… that line conjures images..

  4. Hi. Nice to ‘read’ you again. Are you playing it again Sam?
    Hope all is well.

  5. Finally, the weekend! I’m glad to get by here… Another excellent haiku by you!

    Did you take a blog-break for a while? I hope it’s just temporary…

    • yeah… I was on vacation… and, sometimes, I need a blog break. Like now… I need a vacation from my vacation… gonna be hard to go back to work… but, here I go! =)

  6. :) Made me smile. Glad you’re still writing.


    I’m not trying to promote my own haiku here. But Samantha posted a haiku she wrote, in a comment. It’s so good! I hope visitors here will come to my blog and read her haiku on this link!

  8. Thanks Robert…. and you can promote your haiku here if you want. =)

    This was Robert’s Haiku he mentioned above:

    will she rise
    2010/09/09 by Robert Lew

    awaiting the queen . . .
    will she rise from the darkness
    adorned in silver

    This was my reply/haiku:

    she always rises
    as darkness kneels before her
    clouds await command

    I like them both. =)

  9. Ah…. Love the haikus… glad I stumbled upon here..
    Never tried this form of poetry…. Maybe its time I experiment a little bit!

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    our potluck is open Sunday 8pm to Wednesday, 8am.
    Hope to see you in our team this week.

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