“hi there poopsie-girl !”

“don’t call me that anymore !”

She thought she was grown…

 – smj

8 Comments to “grown”

  1. don’t they just hate it?!?!?
    Well, I did too! Only now, I don’t :)
    Nice one..

  2. I tell you, we had to write some of these for creative writing this summer, my instructor told me I was very good with short forms, but I really sucked at these.

    “poopsie-girl” okay, I have to ask where you got that nickname. :)

    is it really so bad to still be a poopsie-girl? :)

    I think it’s kind of cute. :)

  3. Nick names–okay, my grief with versions of my name amounts to this–there are only three letters in my name–why does everyone want to make it longer? LOL.
    –grown—and what does that really mean?

    Sorry, but your poems are striking certain chords with me today. I think that shows that they’re ‘effective and affective’…hmm… I think but I could be wrong.

  4. Uhmm…. something that strikes very close to the heart (and, not in so much of a poetic way, for me) =)
    Sometimes, nicknames can be a real pain in the ***… !

  5. Samantha, very sweet one.. :)
    Thanks for sharing this.. xx

  6. Ohhh… I’m not even going there. Nicknames, way back when.

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