no time

no time for you
no time for me
no time to think
or dream
just be

just go
just do
just follow the flow

stay down
out of sight
keep your profile low

wise up
shut up
just keep your chin up

don’t think
or complain of
your half empty cup

 no time to want
no time to scream
no time to care
or dare
to be

~~ smj



12 Comments to “no time”

  1. Ah when it comes to the old empty/full cup–I demand–Where is this cup? I can’t find it!!!
    NO time–who makes it not time, eh?

  2. I can relate… And I have this to say, – Its a very malignant state, which no human being should be in! A destructive proposition, one, which is very difficult to get out of..
    During quite a bit of my engineering days, I was a part of this zombieland.. I dunno if the after effects will ever leave completely!

  3. Very well written..
    That’s exactly how we should lead our lives.. :)

  4. Hello, how are you?
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  5. Yeah..No time left for you….
    “The Guess Who”

  6. Hi Sam, stopped in, spent awhile reading, catching up, enjoying your words as always. This one seemed like a great place to stop and rest awhile — so true and so transparent, so sad that we get stuck in this rut we call our life and can’t even see the rut sometimes, let alone find a way out of it. Keep writing!!! Your voice is so appreciated.

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