aim for fearless

aim for fearlessness
without losing hopefulness
damn consequences

~ smj

 The above is a little haiku that was inspired by a haiku written by my friend,  Robert Lew (the Haiku King ;).   I posted the above in response to his haiku titled  “less than”, and thought I’d share here as well:

less than

much less than you fear
but a lot less than you hope . . .
it’s just how things are

Posted by Robert Lew


They go well together, don’t they?

11 Comments to “aim for fearless”

  1. Absolutely AWESOME!!!!!

  2. Hopeful in journey,
    Joyous in the arrival,
    Life is in them both…


    • Catherine – VERY nice haiku there yoursef. I love it. Thank you. =)
      Makes me wonder though… just where is the arrival ? or perhaps, arrivalS. ?? I just hope I will have the sense to know it, & rejoice, when/if I get there. =)

      • When will I arrive?
        And when I arrive, will I
        End or start again?….

        ? :-} ?

        Love haiku…


        • Catherine…. Nice one agian. Say, you are really good at this haiku game! =) but, what’s up with answering a question with a bigger question?? .. no fair! ;) lol

          • As a professional psychic, one of the things I’ve learned is that some times I’m here to give people answers, but some times I’m here to give people directions so they can find their own answers.

            Different people need different things….


            You come for answers
            But you may need a road map
            To find your own truth…

            Love haiku


            • Catherine – I’m glad you love haiku. You’re very good at it, (amongst other things… =)

              And, yes… I supose there are some things we have to learn the hard way… or find out on our own… (and if we’re smart, with a little road map from our friends)… ;)

              Take care.

  3. ‘”dam consequences”–nuff said today. grins

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