Dark Morn (take 2)

Morning Sky, still full of night,
in the dark cradled Moon and his light.
She gazed at his face, so full of grace,
together they soared to new heights.

And, all the while, Wind blew with a smile,
hoping Dawn to beguile.

Morning Sky, in distance descried
a horizon beset with new lights.
They blew on, one by one, waking up Sun,
as creatures and daytime incite.

And, all the while, Wind blew with a smile,
hoping Dawn to beguile.

Morning Sky, began to lose sight
of Moon’s smile and his radiant white.
The winds of change, released heavy rains,
that fell with Sky’s tears so contrite.

And, all the while, Wind blew with a smile,
hoping Dawn to beguile.

Morning Sky, helped songbird take flight,
as to Moon she whispered, “good night”.
Wind, she forgave, as she does each day,
Took pity on his lonely plight.

For in the while, Dawn blew by with a smile,
as ever, on winds of denial.

And, all the while, Sky smiled a sure smile,
awaiting Moon’s twilight revival.

~ smj

Waiting, by Norah Jones

21 Comments to “Dark Morn (take 2)”

  1. That just may be the best poem you have ever written my dear!! And no i’m not in bias mode roght now!!

  2. This is exquisite, and I don’t think I’ve ever used that adjective for any other poem before.
    Yes I think that is exactly what this is.

  3. You stumbled upon my little blog…which led me to this lovely and brilliantly written poem; Thank You for leading me here :)

  4. Lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great poem with beautiful imagery.

  6. What a beautiful piece of writing.

  7. magical word painting…
    Glad to visit your today…

    you have got talent here, welcome to attend poets rally week 35, where you share your poetry and make new poetic friends…poetry awards are assigned upon completion.

    let me know when you are ready.
    Merry Christmas…
    keep writing…

  8. Yes… love your rhyme-scheme here. I also in the past have made up schemes for the piece at hand, like this, especially when the poem has a ballad feel (as this does – with its lovely refrain lines

    And, all the while, Wind blew with a smile,
    hoping Dawn to beguile.

    you got an a-a-b-a-C-C | a-a-d-a-C-C | etc thing goin’ on. I like it. (Capital letters indicate repeated/refrain lines). I have two ballads in particular that have rhyme- and metrical-schemes I quite like (I call them ‘modern’ ballads, because traditionally, ballads use a certain meter/rhyme-scheme) –


    Solid stuff, my friend

    Warmest Salad

    Luke @ WordSalad

    • Luke…. thank you for the visit, kind words, and thoughtful comment. My apologies for my delayed response. Poems… ballads…. lyrics… songs… music…. it all blends together for me… so, I’m glad you got that “ballad feel” from this. Going to check out your links again now…. thanks! =)

  9. And, all the while, Wind blew with a smile,
    hoping Dawn to beguile.

    Yes, this is definitely one of your best, Samantha! :) I especially love these lines. Keep it up.
    Oh, and I love “winds of denial”

    • thanks much, Robert… =) so glad you liked it… it’s not a haiku or anything, but still features some of your favorite subjects… Thanks for the visit and read, and stay warm. =)

  10. This is sweet. Very clean and with such feeling and imagery! I really like your choice of wording here, it put me right there, I could feel all those elements and the passing of dawn…

    • thank you Judith… I am glad you liked this. This is one of my personal favorites… but, when I took a poetry class not so long ago, and presented this piece to “workshop”, the teacher made some comments about the language sounding too “archaic” or something… lol.. I thought about changing it… but, decided, I liked it this way… So, I’m glad you did too. =)

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