Going Crazy. Wanna Come?

Excuse my jet lag while I recover from my latest Guilt Trip.  Oh, it was a doosey,  alright.  I made a pit-stop at Memory Lane…  and then went all the way to Woe-is-me.  Somehow, I completely missed the Road to Redemption, and instead wound up in the Land of the Lost.  Yep, barely made it out of there alive.  I even lost my baggage somewhere over Shoulda-woulda-couldaville.  But that’s okay.  It wasn’t worth claiming anyway.  So – now, I’m saving up for my next big jaunt.  Going Crazy.  Wanna come?


Ok…   just in a weird mood lately and wrote the above piece after thinking about how when I as a kid…  I would always ask my father whenever he was getting ready to go some place, “where are you going?”.  
And, he would always say, “Crazy.  Wanna come?”
I would say, “yes, I wanna come!”, but then he’d just laugh… tell me, “maybe next time”, or something.  

He always made me laugh. 

Still, I never did know where the heck he was going…    ?

~ smj

“All of the years I’ve spent in search of myself
And I’m still in the dark
‘Cause I can’t seem to find the light alone…..
Sometimes I feel like a man in the wilderness”
– Man in the Wilderness, by Styx

4 Comments to “Going Crazy. Wanna Come?”

  1. Hey, going crazy? Want company? Oh yeah, I’m thinking how such a roadtrip might unfold. Still there is something profound about the journey to guilt trip land and beyond. It’s like a great lead in for a heck of a story.

  2. I’ve tell my kids that “going crazy” will be only a short trip thanks to them! :-)

    …curious though…

    is it a round trip or one way ticket?

    • lol funny… yes, kids do have a way of driving us crazy sometimes don’t they?

      and the trip is round-trip, of course!

      (but, if it wasn’t… I would say it was anyway… >:/
      *insert crazy-ish evil laugh here*… lol )

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