And, what do YOU want for Christmas, little boy?

He said he doesn’t want anything for Christmas this year…  my son, that is.   I guess, that means he’s a pretty lucky kid, right?  We should all be so lucky… to not really want for anything, right?

It’s not like he has “everything”.  He doesn’t.  Not by a long-shot.  In today’s economy, our family is having financial struggles along with many others.  Which made me wonder if my son was just reluctant to ask for anything?  Maybe he thought we simply couldn’t afford it?   It was just last year that he became aware that Santa is on the same budget as Mommy & Daddy, and this is the first year that he hasn’t really asked for any big-ticket items.  Coincidence?  Hmmm??  I sure hope so. 

I would feel terrible if he wasn’t asking for things simply because he thought we couldn’t afford them… even if that very well might be the case.  Maybe there are things he wants, but he is just being “nice” and not asking for them.  ?? I hope not. Last thing I ever want my children to feel like is a burden (even if they are expensive little buggers! ;).    

Worse yet, I worried that perhaps he wasn’t even bothering to dream of things he wants if he figures he won’t be able to get them.  ?  This bothers me.  I don’t want him to stop dreaming or wanting things.  He’s way too young to feel the icy cold hand of reality shaking it’s finger in his face with a condescending tsk – “no no no!” (Don’t you HATE it when that happens??) My son is way too young to give up.  I mean, I don’t want to raise greedy little bastards that are never satisfied, but I DO want to have children that dream BIG, and often.  It’s good to want things.

 Was this the case?  Is there now something wrong with my poor boy (as well as me)?  I had to tell myself to just…  Stop.   Breathe.  Think (carefully, not in circles!).  I know that sometimes, I tend to think way too hard and worry too much.  I have fine tuned the skill of reading into things.  You could say I’m intuitive.  You might even be right.  Matter of fact, I’m so intuitive, that I know that I can worry myself sick about anything or nothing at all, if I really set my mind to it.  (Yes, I’m that good.  ;)

So, I decided to not get too concerned, and just have a heart to heart with my boy.   I asked a lot of questions… probably annoying ones from the look on his face.  He gave a lot of vague answers but made two things perfectly clear:
1) that he does NOT want socks and underwear…
2) that he “doesn’t KNOW WHAT he wants for Christmas!”. 

Alrighty then!  So, he doesn’t know what he wants! 

Well now, that’s different that not wanting anything, isn’t it? Yes, quite different…  Completely different!

And, I could relate.  I feel his pain.  I frequently don’t know what I want either.  It’s been a long-standing issue for me (I STILL don’t know what I want to be when I grow up).  Which got me thinking again…  I sure hope, it’s not because I know we are broke, or worse  yet – that  I forgot how to dream.  ?!  *shudder*  

Maybe, my son is just smarter than the average human?  Maybe, he’s not settling at all, but is rather just content?  Maybe.  I mean, I am glad that there’s nothing major that he really, really longs for.  That must mean that we at least have the basics covered or he’d want things like food, heat, shelter.  So, that’s good, right?  Many children aren’t so lucky.  Maybe, he’s smart enough to understand this?  Maybe he’s just a happy kid that is easily amused and really doesn’t want for anything much??
Yes, let’s go with that. 

I suppose I’m very fortunate and lucky myself.  I have at least one son that will most likely be thrilled with whatever he gets for Christmas this year.  Well, except for the socks and underwear… which, I will get him, of course…  because he needs them… not because he wants them….   and, to see the look on his face as he casts them aside looking for bigger and better surprises.  I’m easily amused that way.  Come to think of it, so is he.  I think, he and I have a lot in common actually.  Poor kid.  I will spare him this dreadful fact for as long as possible…  and hope that his amazing intuitive powers haven’t kicked in yet. 


 ~ smj

2 Comments to “And, what do YOU want for Christmas, little boy?”

  1. :-)
    my eight year old is the same way, a quality his 12 yr old brothers (twins) seemed to have missed!
    i consider it one of the biggest parts of my job to teach them to dream as big as they possibly can…

    and still be able to understand what it means…

    “When someone steps on your shoes (toes)…
    how to not let it mess up your shine!”

  2. My kids are completely opposite. They know exactly what they want for Christmas, yet it is always more expensive than what we can afford. So they know they will get one item, in my two son’s case, a replica musket from the movie “The Alamo” and the other a gold half-sovereign. We all have to dream…and yes they will probably get socks and undies in their stockings, but they at least get something they want.
    Keep up the good parenting, and it’s good to be intuitive, that’s a big part of being a parent, we wouldn’t be good ones if we weren’t.

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