The way it is

You think it
say it
believe it
make it real and true
for you.
At least, for you
     – it’s true.

Excuse me if

I hear it
doubt it
question it
dismiss it as untrue
for me
I’m just saying, for me
     – it’s bullshit

I’d believe it
          if I could
I’d trust it
          as far as I can
                    throw it
Neither of us
can help it

No excuses for it

Just the way   it    is

~ smj

8 Comments to “The way it is”

  1. You hit the nail on the head.. and said in style, too. Truth (capital ‘T’) differs from person to person… I myself hope one day to find some universal Truths… until then, what you capture here is about the only one there is…

    good call



  2. Lovely poetry; nice style. It is what is is!

    Happy Holidays Samantha. May peace, joy and love be with you through out the season and always!


  3. Excellent poem hewre.
    Happy holidays

  4. Do like the way you convey the message in the poem…the short phrasing adds to its overall impact.

  5. I really do get this


  6. ;-)
    Sometimes I think I take my “job” a bit too seriously! (being the fly in the ointment!)

    is there really more than ONE TRUTH?

    or is it just that there are many differing perspectives of it?…
    (1. What am I aware of?)
    (2. What does that make me think?)
    (3. How does that make me feel?)

    (if a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one there to hear it…)

  7. Well said
    that’s just the way it is.

    joyful holy days
    and merry new year..

  8. Thank you everyone…. and my apologies for my delayed response. I really do appreciate your comments so much… This piece just blurted out of me from a place of frustration… I’m over it. (For now. ;)

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