And, we’re off…

Happy New Year to everyone!  I can’t believe it’s 2011.  So much for having any down time around the holidays.  I did take time off from work after Christmas, but promptly filled up the time with working on things around the house, and helping out with some website work for my husband…  I did manage to sleep in a few times (which was excellent)…  but, not too much because I have these things called “kids” that were running around all week, that like to be fed… and stuff…  ;)  What I didn’t get to do at all was write… or read…  =(   Oh well… I’m not really complaining.  (Well.. maybe, just a little…  Feel free to ignore my whining.  =)

I haven’t been writing at all lately… and I miss it.  Next week, however, I will be forced to start reading and writing again.  Writing what, exactly? – I’m not sure…  but, something.  I registered for a poetry “workshop” college course.  Color me a little anxious.. a little nervous… and, a little excited.  I’ve never taken any writing or poetry classes (as if you couldn’t tell ;).  None.  So, this oughta be interesting…

I had been thinking of going back to school nights again for some time now… but, it never seemed like a good time.  I also wasn’t sure what classes to take.  Many moons ago, I started going towards a degree in Information Technology.  I then got pregnant with my first son… finished my course, and didn’t sign up again.  Figured, I would after the baby.  But, life kept happening…   and ever since then it seemed there was one obstacle after another.  

For the last few years I started thinking maybe it was time.  My kids are a little older…  and I have tuition benefits through work… seems like a shame not to use them.  But, the thought of taking more computer classes and continuing on towards that Information Tech degree didn’t sound very appealing at all.  I realized that just because I’m pretty good with computers, and could possibly make a decent salary on them, didn’t mean that I really WANT to work on computers (more than I already do!).  I also realized that if I am to work towards any degree going part-time  nights, while working full-time days – it will be reeeeeeeeeeally slow going.  I might get an actual degree around the time I should retire.  UGH.  That can knock the wind right out of your sails.  So anyway, I finally decided that IF I was gonna take some classes – they might as well be classes I enjoy… and IF they lead to bigger and better things, so be it… and, if not… well, I won’t quit my day job anytime soon.  So, anyway, the Poetry workshop course was the first one I saw that looked appealing. 

Still, it is a little anxiety provoking.  I start thinking all these things… like, I’m probably going to be the oldest one in the class..  what if I really don’t like it…  or what if I suck?  I did have to submit 5 of my own poems as prerequisite for this course via email.   The teacher said they, “were a start”…. and welcomed me to the class.  A “start”.  ??  hmmm… ?  She didn’t say they were a “good start”…  or offer any other encouraging words or feedback.  Just that they were, “a start“.  
? Ok.. well?  Fine. I’ll take that.  at least she didnt’ say, “you suck.  stay outta my class!”. … and, the more I thought about it.. the more I am thinking   –   “Ok…. sure….  a start.  One more start.  A fresh start.  A new Start.  Beginnings are good things, right?  Full of possibilities, and potential…
So, yeah..  a  start

I like it.  

I hope.  =) 

It starts on Tuesday… so, we shall see…    If nothing else, it will FORCE me to take time to write and read poetry – which is what I’d like to be doing anyway…   so, it’s gotta be all good, right? 

Hope to catch up with you soon…   =)


7 Comments to “And, we’re off…”

  1. Enjoy the class..don’t worry about the others in the class young or old…it’s your dreams that matter not their opinion of you. :-) My best students were always my older ones at every university I taught.

    • I second Charles’ comments!! Seriously. Hi “Chuck”—just feel like it would be fun to call you, “Chuck”, Chuck. LOL. Between the two of you, you’re making me want to teach again….now that’s an odd consequence of this blog visit…….

      • haha… “Chuck”… what is wrong with you? he doesn’t look like a Chuck at all?? ;) Not that there’s anything wrong with “Chuck”… there’s not. I know a Chuck… or two… and they are good people. =)

    • Thanks much Charles. =) You’re right. It’s not about them. Although, I do need to at least worry about what the professor thinks. It’s 4 credits, and I only get tuition benefits if I pass. lol ;)

  2. IF nothing else you may become more aware of your poetry process and—who knows where that might lead. It’s an adventure! Enjoy it! Who cares if you’re the oldest? What resource material that gives you. Ha. Poetry—the art of word crafting. Hmmm. Go for it with gusto!

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