I still see him

“Where is my little boy?”
“Where has he gone?”
I spoke loudly to no-one, 
looking past the stranger standing before me
who was wearing nothing
but a hooded towel
with dog ears.

“I’m right here, Mommy!”
he blurts out excitedly
unable to maintain stealth mode
or contain laughter
as he excitedly threw back his hood
and dog ears.

“Ah.  There’s my boy! I see you now”
I said with a smile, and
                    all was right with the world.

He looked up at me
as I looked down at him,
both of us smiling 

until, he slipped the hood
back over his head
and remarkably –
hiding behind pure imagination
and dog ears.

My smile was replaced
with simulated distress
and I took up the search once more
for my lost little boy,
who smiled all the while
as I pretended not to see him.

I must have lost him
oh, a million times, or so
and still I find him,
every time.
I’m lucky like that…  

“Where is my little boy?”
“Where has he gone?”
I speak loudly to no-one 
looking past the stranger standing before me
the tall stranger standing before me…

He looks down at me
as I look up at him
Both of us smiling 

These days, facial hair and a teenage attitude
have replaced hooded towels
with dog ears

No matter –
I still see him, and
             all is right with my world.


14 Comments to “I still see him”

  1. unable to maintain stealth mode – love that! Oh the joys that await me… Nice piece. And thanks for dropping in on WordSalad



  2. Yep, they remain our little ones no matter how much they grow. Odd isn’t it. Ever wonder how they view ‘us’–their mothers?

    • yep 47WB – always our babies… and, I think their view of us changes through the years… I’m fairly certain I would like the way my 8 year old views me currently, rather than my teenager… but, such is life. ;)

  3. Oh..I just love the tone and flow of this poem…and tho they grow up they are always our children.

  4. This makes me feel bubbly which is weird because I’m not the bubbly type. It might be because I have a kid and one day I might do the same thing…I hope all will always be right with our worlds.

  5. I don’t have children, but I can feel the current – the constant – in this, Sam. Good one (and nice to read your writing).

  6. As i was reading this it was looking like a tragedy then that remarkable twist on itself.
    Excellent poem

    • Thank you Richard… Nope… no tragedy in this one… luckily. I’m glad it caught your attention for a moment though, and glad you liked it. Thanks much for the visit and read. =)

  7. So I don’t forget, every age has its own room in my heart. And I will make a new room every year for my son as long as I live.

    Thanks for sharing.


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