snow falls aimlessly
randomly, yet thoroughly
covering our tracks

in a shroud of white
buried transgressions await
beside crocuses

is all forgiven?
frozen? forgotten? or just
waiting for the sun?


~ smj

15 Responses to “snowfall”

  1. I like the final questions…and how you led up to them…very nice write.

  2. Seeds under the snow just waiting for the sunlight to germinate and then WHAT in regard to those transgressions????
    OOOO–I like this take on the concept that Truth will Out.

    Care to comment on your poetry course?
    May your pen be blessed with powerful wordcraft.

    • hi there 47WB. =) yes… what about those transgressions IS the question, eh? and, the class starts tomorrow morning. =) Here’s hopin’… and, I’ll take all the luck I can get. Thanks! =)

  3. I have a soft spot for Haiku, and run-on connected Haiku as parts of a greater whole is an art form unto itself. I love how the snow can cover and smooth a ragged, ugly landscape, and make it beautiful…at least for a little while. Well done! :)

    • hello tracyh – thanks for the visit and letting me know your thoughts. I love haiku too… and fresh snowfallls… even if it is temporary. and, besides, you never know what the thaw may bring… =)

  4. Excellent.
    Did you do it intentionally in haiku form because they stand very well as haikus.

  5. This is very well composed and thoughtful. Loved reading it over and over. Thanks for the experience !

  6. the verses are woven from the sinews of your heart. asking for some kind of redemption. beautiful poem indeed!


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