With a resounding, startling thud
a culprit rock had slipped
under the radar, chipping it’s mark
into her once perfect windshield.
Far below her line of vision
a single tear-drop stained the glass.

Just a small bubble, barely noticeable,
it was almost easy to believe
this tiny blemish was but an infraction,
a mere menace, incapable of any real damage,
undeserving of immediate attention,
regardless if it was clearly required.

Marred and meek, the chip’s presence
tried to warn her, gently whispering
of preventive measures and chances for repair,
but, soon the constancy of it transposed reminders
into nagging, rendering it barely audible,
practically invisible, easily ignored.

Until one bitter, cold morning when
there was no longer any way to deny,
prevent, or undo the damage done.
No way to miss the thick cracks now branching
out from the single crystal tear-drop
forming two, long, jagged, icy lines.

One arched up and to the left, clear off
the edge of her windshield.
The other lunged abruptly to the right
leading directly to the scribbled note
tucked under the wiper blade
which simply said, “good-bye”.

~ smj

“Yes, its time to make the change
Yes, its time to rearrange
So my friend, I join the fight for the things
You know are right
Oh, you got to leave this town before its
Too late, too late, too late”

– Too Late, Journey

10 Comments to “Windshield”

  1. Cracks in windshied like all those cracks in relationships. Hi.

  2. Those little cracks can sneak up on you can’t they…

  3. Love the transition from the crack in the windshield to the one in the relationship…excellent analogy.

  4. enjoyed this one. i’ll have to spend some more time here and see what else i’ve been missing.


  5. That’s unfortunate.
    Must be quite annoying i’d guess.
    I like that you explored that through your poetry.
    I bet writing this let off some steam. lol

  6. 47WB –
    yup. you got it. =) thanks. =)

    yes… sneak up… but, in this case, that chip was there for a long time before it cracked. thanks for the read. =)

    Charles –
    Thank you! =) This was another one for class… =) so far.. .so good…

    JTW –
    hello again, and thank you. So glad you liked this enough to want to see some of my other stuff. Hope you do stop back if/when you have the time. =)

    I really did have a chip in my windshield.. and I really did ignore it… and it really did crack my whole damn windshield the other morning… but, at least I made up the note part… that would have really sucked even more, yes. Writing is always a good stress reliever for me… as is your blog. ;) Thanks.

  7. This peice is simply beautiful Samantha, I love the Imagery it conjures and the emotive reference transpiring through an every day event is gorgeous writing. Thank you for sharing xx

  8. i visualize pain like the branching out of tiny traces of cracks from that single impact. you have done an intricate imagery here. very nice poem indeed.

    • Scary overtone: that this an unfortunate un-fixable chaos, stemming from the ” culprit rock”.
      whether rock had come from ill intentions or is random is left to imagination.
      love the poem.

  9. essentialsoulpoetry –
    thank you so much.. yes… this was very much inspired by a real life event… my poor windshield… but, it’s amazing how just about anything, when described enough can wind up relating to so much more. Thanks again for visiting and commenting. I’m glad you liked this.

    hames1977 –
    yes… the “ripple effect” can be both a positive and negative thing… and, sometimes, a minor scrape can become a major wound if unattended, ignored and left to fester… Thank you for the read and commenting. Much appreciated.

    hi chris –
    always nice to “see” you. =) And, you’re right.. .the “culprit rock”s intentions were not clear… but, regardless the damage was done. Sometimes, the “why” is irrelevant after the fact, and just needs dealing with… before it’s too late.. if that’s even possible. right? Thanks for the read and comments. =)

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