decisions decisions…

Ok… so, not sure what’s wrong with me, or right with me for that matter – but, I seem to have had some sort of creative burst.  I was struggling to write one poem to submit for my class tomorrow – and, then… I wrote 4.  ?!?  Not sure how “good” any of them are… but, there they are….  4 in two days.  This might be some kind of a record for me…   ??

Now… to decide which one to submit.  I originally wrote “The Shower” – but, am not sure I want to pass that out to a bunch of strangers in class just yet.  Not that it’s sexual… it wasn’t meant to be…  but, I guess just the mention of  “shower”, “skin”, and/or any body parts really might just put it in that category for some. LOL  Anyway, the assignment was pretty general – just to write a poem using a lot of  metaphor and similes (not that too many poems do not use them??) and then build upon it.

I think, I’m leaning towards the last of the four (Same Old Song) but, not sure.

Any favorites from any of you out there out of  the following four??  =)

~ smj

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9 Comments to “decisions decisions…”

  1. I like “the rebels”.
    Probably emotional attraction more than any academic preferance.

  2. I liked the same song because the metaphor was strong and a different twist on the recocd theme.

  3. I like all of them! But “Pulling Myself Together” is great (economical and I love the way it sits on the page) and “The Shower” is fabulous … my favorite. I don’t see it as sexual, by the way … just real. :)

  4. “Pulling Myself Together” is my favorite. “The Shower” is most dramatic … Still, I might submit “Same Song” for the reason mentioned elsewhere. Good luck. Wonderful that you were so productive. Bravo!

  5. Thanks guys. I wound up submitting “Same Old Song” for today’s class. We’ll see what kind of feedback I get on it next week. I’m sorta glad I went with that one… both because I think it was closest to what the assignment was asking for and the kinds of things we’ve been talking about/reading in class, and also because it couldn’t be any more strait forward.

    I say that last part – because in this morning’s class, they wound up talking about the poem I submitted last week, “Windshield” ( ) – and I was pretty surprised that out of about 10 people, only 4 seemed to “get” that it was a metaphor for a “relationship gone bad”. ?? Really? I thought it was pretty strait forward, but, I guess, I was too vague or – or they were mostly too young to grasp the concept or something… ? I did “get” some of their confusion and appreciated the feedback… but, still.. was surprised. Oh well.. Live and learn, and realize that ya can’t please everyone anyway. =)

    Thanks again for your input and suggestions. It helped a lot! =)

  6. Hi Sam… what can i say? except that you are amazing! I am glad you chose “Same Old Song” I loved them all. The wonderful thing about poetry and writing in general… it is subjective. I found a deep and personal meaning within each one of these. They were all good. and they pulled at the strings in my mind… and heart too… thank you and good luck

  7. The shower, yep definitely the shower.
    It’s a perfectly innocent poem

    • thanks Art. I like that one a lot too… but, it didn’t seem to fit the assignment for my class as well. Maybe, they will assign something steamier next week and I can still use it. ;) for now, glad that you, and a few others liked it. Thanks for your vote! =)

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