The Rebels

Sometimes, when the moon is so full
of  itself, that it seems to light up the night
and commands all that it shines upon
to offer up praises in howling song,

she seeks out the lone wolf, joining him
in his den where he offers shelter, and strength
to resist the charlatan’s charms.  Together
they refuse to bay trite songs.  Waiting

instead for dawn’s truth to rise.  Smiling
knowingly at each other.  Reveling
in their shared rebellion.

~ smj

Beyond the Invisible, by Enigma

6 Comments to “The Rebels”

  1. Like the tone and attitude of the poem.

  2. I like the underlying sense of conviction … Well done …

    • Jamie – thank you. Yes… it often shows more conviction to not run with the pack, then it does to just conform to their ways…
      So nice of you to make the rounds here and let me know what you thought. Thanks! =)

  3. Rebels all round! Do they have wolves in Egypt?

    • ha. I’m guessing “yes… most likely.. lots of wolves”. =)

      I always had a rebellious streak… growing up the youngest sibling and the only girl will do that. =)
      I know you have the rebellious streak too! =)

      *waves hi back* =)

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