Saving Jezebel

He called himself, “The Preacher”
and he offered her salvation. He

spoke of sins she never knew of,
and granted her forgiveness. He
sang songs of peace and love,
told stories of streets of gold,
presented promises
of protection, comfort,  and
eternal bliss.  Then, he sent her
straight to hell.

So, she found herself
a new pimp.

~ smj

(this was a spin off of my last poem, “As If“…. )

What I Can Do For You, by Sheryl Crow

“You’re never gonna make it
All by yourself
You’re gonna need a friend
You’re gonna need my help
I have so much to offer
If you just be nice
If you do what I say
And don’t make me say it twice

What I can do for you
There’s no one else
On God’s green earth can do
What I can do for you
There’s no one else
On God’s green earth can do”

7 Comments to “Saving Jezebel”

  1. I was expecting The Preacher to be some self-proclaimed bible-basher – and her a simple rural girl. Didn’t see that coming.

  2. The irony!

    Although, the ending didn’t surprise me as much as it probably will some.

    I didn’t know you were taking a class.

  3. A+ for use of “edge”!

    (damn… my fingertips are bleeding…)

    • soodenim – thank you.. try not to get any blood on the carpet, though, will ya? ;) and, I know “edgy” is a pretty relative term – and, that this pales in comparison to much of your own writing… but, I have to actually pass this out and go face to face with people on it though, so, I can’t get too crazy… right? Then again… there is one guy in the class who wrote extensively about a brutal murder and what he did with the body… like… scary shit… so, i shouldn’t be too leery of expressing myself creatively either I guess. lol

  4. This is awesome…..I love biting words….Indeed, indeed..


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