One year ago

One year ago
you pledged your love,
said we could start again.

One year ago
I told you no
but you would not listen.

One year ago
we spilled our hearts
so they could start to mend

One year ago
old lives changed
love started new as friends

and while today
I may be leary
I want to love again

Is there a chance
for real romance?
A real life happy end?


6 Comments to “One year ago”

  1. Wow. Good luck with that.

  2. Oh…perhaps I’m just a romantic but I always think love can find a way as long as you don’t compromise on what you need and want. :-)

  3. Change is around all of us~ if True love is there it will remain,…Love is something everyone searches for .And if you wish to find it. you will..
    .. I have found love, But love means nothing if we do not love ourselves also for there will always be something missing.. for we shall always be searching for that something special.. and often it only Inside of us we need to look .. For we are that special being we often overlook..

    Love and Blessings

    • Thank you Sue… you have hit the elephant in the room’s toenail on the head! (ok, I’m tired and delirious… because I’m making up stupid sayings now)… but, that is so true… and something I know I have, and do struggle with, so, thank you very much, sincerely, for the kind reminder. =)

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