Grow Up

I never really knew
just what I wanted
to be
when I grew

I never figured out
just how to believe
in myself,
in you,
in most things
really, let alone dreams.

Some things die
Bad habits,
Bruce Willis,
and maybe some dreams,


others just die
Struck down
while weak.
Well before any dream
had a chance
to grow


“Any minute now, my ship is coming in
I’ll keep checking the horizon
I’ll stand on the bow, feel the waves come crashing
Come crashing down, down, down, on me”
~ Waiting for my real life to begin, Colin Hay –

10 Comments to “Grow Up”

  1. I like the structure, the way it flows, the story it tells. Well done. Blessings to you, Samantha…

  2. Die Hard
    Hmmmm wasnt’ that Bruce Willis?
    Mel Gibson–dying hard in other ways?
    Oh those dreams we dream–or don’t.

    • ack. You’re right. It was Bruce. I changed it. I get the “Die Hard” and “Leathal Weapon” movies mixed up sometimes. Oh well, same difference. LOL Thanks

  3. Dreams are like plants
    placed in pots of clay
    watered and tended
    nurtured and
    placed in the light
    they grow rising skyward
    As they grow they become
    strong enough to break
    the container of clay
    that holds their roots

    or they are not fed,
    remaining bound,
    growing no further.

    (open the curtains
    let in some light.
    they don’t grow well
    in the dark.)

    • Thank you for that very beautiful, and fitting response. So true. These day, I am drawing back the curtains.. more and more… beginning new dreams… and trying to help some old ones grow.

  4. I like the layout here, it really adds to the punch of the poem. Sad but very readable.
    Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday.

    • thanks Jessica. yes… it’s sad… but, I left off the happy ending… which is that those days are over.. I grew up.. and up… and finally found my voice and the dreams began to flow…

  5. The flow enhances the story with a bone structure of Greek statues.

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