Timepiece Talk

You think you own me, as I quietly
rest on your wrist, keeping you
on track, consistently telling you
the time. You count on me entirely

too much. You try to believe
that I’m just one of your many
accessories that you can wear
out and replace with ease.

I know better. Yes, I know
that you are not my master.
You are not the one that makes
my heart beat, and all things grow

old. Wiser or not, they grow old,
and it matters not if you believe me.
For my master is like truth. He exists
regardless if known or unknown.

My hands circle ‘round my face
according to His plan, not yours.
Slow as an easy summer’s day.
Fast as the winner in every rat race.

You don’t like it when I speak
the truth, do you? So, go on then,
lose me, refuse to look upon me,
if you dare, hurl me into the sea!

You may break me, but not the spell
of the great equalizer that binds us all.
Yes, Time is our master. Together we wait
to learn of fates that only He can tell.


“Every year is getting shorter,
never seem to find the time
Plans that either come to naught
or half a page of scribbled lines
Hanging on in quiet
desperation is the English way
The time has gone, the song is over,
thought I’d something more to say”

Time, by Pink Floyd


15 Comments to “Timepiece Talk”

  1. OH Time–shall we send it packing?
    Nice go round with the watch.

  2. This is well done. Very! Clever. Let’s just do w/o our watches.

    • Jamie – thank you =) I have a long standing issue with being on time for just about anything… so, if I don’t have my watch, I am completely without a sense of time. Wouldn’t it be grand if there was a while lot less deadlines, and places to be, by certain times?? Ahh… I can dream…

  3. Artfully spoken, Samantha. You are very talented. I enjoy your way with words. If Time could speak, it might mimic your words. Time always obeys the Master, unlike us. Time rules its domain faithfully. Blessings to you…

    • Carol,
      Thank you so much. I appreciate your thoughts and kind words… and, do you think Time is obeying the Master? or that Time thinks it IS the Master?? Sometimes, I feel like I am but a slave to time…. and, I’m not big on being any sort of slave. ;) Thank you again for the read and blessings…

      • I believe that God is Master and that He made time. I believe time passes as God intended. As for us and our relationship to time, I can see why we may feel like time is our master, because it affects us everyday, yet we have no control over it. I like your poem. I, too, feel whipped about by time. God set it in motion and ta da! There it is. Blessings…

  4. Oh how i wo=ish time could stand still. lol
    Great poem here

  5. Nice idea to write it from the watch’s point of view! And a cute line in quiet dominance from that watch!
    Thanks for visiting me earlier.

  6. Love the level of messages in these poem…a well crafted poem.

    • Hi Charles. Thank you. Yes… there are a few layers to this one… and people can peel back as far as they like, I guess. As always, good to “see” you here. =).

  7. It is refreshing to see Time from another perspective- wondering how to slow it down or make it go away. To the old Time passes like pearls falling from a broken necklace.

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