Silver Screen Lullabies

I suppose
it’s time
to break the habit
of depending on you

to talk me down each night
and bore me to sleep
beneath your flickering lights.

Allowing your on-screen images
to replace tomorrow’s tasks lists
and yesterday’s all to real faces.

Using your stories in low voices
to drown out my own sounds
of worry and relentless questions.

I just want
to fall asleep
independent of you
for once, content.

~ smj

17 Comments to “Silver Screen Lullabies”

  1. Ah…the silverscreen’s job is to distract us from the burdens of our day so we may sleep. :-)

  2. do you have a hidden camera in my room? ;-)
    sign me up for 1 mattress pulsating machine and anti toss and turn suit!

  3. Wow, this is a great piece. How often do people realize this reason for late night television?

  4. I like the poem and the video, too. I often crawl into bed very tired only to have my eyelids pop open and stay open for a good while before I sleep. I think I’ve run out of sleep hormones. Ha! I use the time praying and meditating. Why waste time? Blessings to you, Samantha…

  5. Did you realize, and I just noticed this today, that if you are not logged in, there are ads on your posts? I didn’t realize WP was doing this and at first I thought I had gotten hacked and someone had somehow written it into the script of the page, but now, you have them as well, if I view your blog and am not logged in. For some reason, I have an issue with that. I wrote WP support and lodged a complaint:
    I told them that I wasn’t aware that this was happening and I really didn’t appreciate it. What am I– a billboard?! At Blogspot I can place Google Adsesnse on my blogs if I so choose, but then I get a cut, but that this was blatant advertisement on a personal blog of which I was not aware of.

    I realize I don’t actually pay to have this blog, but I can sure take it elsewhere where I have more control over what is and what is not advertised on MY blog. These are my personal ravings and I don’t feel like advertising my belierfs along with oh I don’t know–a trip to the bahamas, so where’s my 10 percent?

    I find this to be bullshit, and I think everyone who uses WP should be aware of it, i’m sure i’m not the only one who didn’t know this was happening.

    pass the word, you have more friends and readers here than i do. I just don’t think it’s right. I go to alot of time and trouble to format my posts and then I view my pages while I am not logged in and they look like billboards, that’s just plain crap!

    We will see if they respond. You have my email address so write me if you find anything out.


    • Hey Charles.. I think I knew that… but, I thought all the “free” sites did it… unless you paid for a membership.. No? Let me know if you hear back. It is BS and very aggravating…

  6. Excellent poem.
    Sleep is sometimes as problem for me but as i get older it is remedying itself.
    Hilarious video, i really enjoyed that

  7. Hi.
    Have taken note of the ads appearing on blogs issue several times now. Yeah…. argh.

    Samantha, you’ve been “Touch”-ed with a blog link award at my blogcasa.

    Wicked poem.

  8. I love this piece Sam, So Artfully written.. I do understand “silver screen lullabies” … I also understand the lullaby of other addictions which I read amongst the lines of this poem as well…
    The first verse is one so many trying to forget another will relate to

    • Hello essentialsoulpoetry… Nice to see you here, and thank you for the read and comments.. and yes, you are right.. there is always more between the lines…

  9. I can surely relate to this…

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