Peace Out

Can’t see the night
through reflective windows.
Can’t feel the rain
through the floors overhead.
Can’t hear my own thoughts
over that damn florescent lightbulb.
Yeah, its buzzing
might just
kill me yet.

But, I know it’s dark out
I can feel it creeping in,
and I know it’s been raining
yeah, I feel it seeping in
and I think I heard a thought
leaking right out of my head
through windows and floors
it made its escape.
Felt no remorse
when bulb’s buzz
went dead

Peace out.


 Grey Room, by Damien Rice

7 Comments to “Peace Out”

  1. Wow the imagery and raw emotions of the poem were wonderful in this…just excellent in IMHO.

    • thank you Charles… Your humble opinion is very much valued… and am glad you liked this. It was written on the spot.. after a long, tiresome, day that went on much longer than it should have been allowed to go on..

  2. love the rhythm and blatant prose. quiet brilliant. well done my friend, as always

  3. brilliant! could feel it all right down to the escaping thought – the whole poem just enticed me further and further! wow

  4. thank you, enreal. I guess, I was in a blatant kind of mood… I appreciate your thoughts, and your presence.

    souldiaries . Yes – my thought escaped… and then, I finally followed suit that night. Thank you so much for the kind words. I’m glad you liked this. I’ve been enjoying discovering some of your work too.

  5. This is really amazing …

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