I woke to the sound of my own head
pulsing in perfect time with my clock’s second-hand.
Together we  tick,   tick,  ticked
so loudly we woke
the neighbors
and some dead

but not you.

You were too busy feigning sleep,
unable to hear my ticking over the white noise
roaring as it flowed with the static
of your alarm clock radio
sounding off
through your head.

Hit the snooze again.

~ smj

“Children, wake up
Hold your mistake up
Before they turn the summer into dust”
– Wake Up, by The Arcade Fire
(from the “Where The Wild Things Are” movie)

10 Comments to “Awakening…”

  1. I really like this poem…it expresses an emotion which I think many feel at one time or another in their lives…kudos!

  2. slpmartin – thanks much. would that be the “stressed out and can’t sleep” emotion? I think I’m over it at least… for now.. =)

    enreal – I’m glad you do. =) thank you.

  3. the first three lines instantly draw me,

    very poetic and beautiful.

    Jingle Poetry has moved, welcome joining us at our new garden home today, random poems are acceptable.

  4. I’ll just say waking up is real tough for me.. and I’ve had bad memories with the snooze. Enough said!

  5. LOVE it! ai you are talented. such a privilege to read your words xx

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