Wish I was there…

a glimpse of where I’ve been lately…
and wishing I still was…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(just a few photo’s I took with my little digital camera)


“Home by the Sea” and “2nd Home by the Sea”, by Genesis

7 Comments to “Wish I was there…”

  1. That looks so peaceful…I can see why you would want to be there.

  2. Beautiful.

  3. These are gorgeous photos, I can imagine being there. :)

  4. Sure looks like an amazing place to be in. Early this month I went on a trip, too, and the scenes were lovely.
    Its been a long time I haven’t blogged, and its just lovely, to be back visiting.

  5. I WANT to be there too! OH yes–trees AND water. O my.

  6. Thanks guys… yes… it was beautiful… I loved loved loved the fact that it was so rustic and included a beach, water, and forest/mountains. I want to go back! =)

  7. wow this looks so peaceful and beautiful…thanks for sharing. i always think that photos are a way for us to connect with the peace/joy/etc of a moment which we personally could not physically share in…i ownder where on this beautiful earth this magical space is…it has captured my imagination. thanks xx

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