My Sun

rise and shine, my sun

for the day waits for no one

and, you are the day

~ smj

Brand new day, Joshua Radin

12 Comments to “My Sun”

  1. everyone needs a lil sunshine
    and some need more than others (raises hand)

    • Awww… are you sunshine deprived? me too, actually. Pretty gloomy around here today… but, perfect day for finding those sun rays shining through the clouds… I look for, and love it when that happens..

  2. Such a delightful poem and song to begin my day with….thanks!

  3. It’s actually cold, dark and gloomy here this morning. So the big blue sky is appreciated. Video/song is the absolute opposite of “here”–all the more reason to enjoy it. Thanks.

  4. I love this….so sweet and so perfect for my morning.

    Still don’t like the sun though. :)

    • Thanks for the read, Raven.. And, you don’t like the sun? I love it… but, it doesn’t love me back so much… so, I can’t worship it… I have to just admire it from afar, and behind 12 layers of SPF 50 sunblock… =)

  5. I love it how you could switch ‘sun’ with ‘son’ and it would still make so much sense :D

  6. withluck… thank you… yes… I was thinking of my son when I wrote this. he (and his brother) are often the sun in my life. =)

  7. I don’t really understand what took me so long… but here I am, finally….. and loving it!

  8. Wow (As withluck064 said), I didn’t even notice that… I read “sun” as “son” for some reason.

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