Alpha Male

Head tilted sideways,
belly up, wild eyes
darting back and forth
to points only god-
forsaken souls can
glimpse upon as they
desperately try
to focus, to fix-
ate on life. Exposed
jugular awaits.

The smell of defeat
rises with the last
relinquished sense of
hope released by fright.
Tastes like victory

to you.  Questions swell
alongside your pride.
Is this what you want?
Are you happy now?
Content to live as
alpha male? Is your
ego satisfied?
Is it lonely there
at the very top
where fear, not love, reigns?

~ smj

(re-write from original haiku)

Never Again, by Nickelback

6 Comments to “Alpha Male”

  1. You reminded me of a friend of mine who walked away from impending stardom because he felt family was more important than being an alpha male in the music industry…he taught me much.

    • Hey Charles…. very interesting… on a few levels. For starters, I never would have thought of applying this towards something like that when I wrote this… (and, I love it when things take on whole new meanings to different readres! =) Plus, your friend’s story reminds me of a friend of mine too, now that I think about it. so..? yeah… how about that? You made it have new meaning for me too. How cool is that? =)

  2. it seems that “feminism” is thick in the air as topic of conversation. i’m actually writing a dissertation on it. the various supporting male perspectives (yes, there’s more than one) and the various female perspectives as well.

    speaking of “landmines”, the section on Feminism in Relationships i’m sure is going to cause it’s fair share of grumbling from both sides of the gender aisle.

    anticipated finish date Oct 3rd
    the same day as the completion of my divorce proceedings
    and my youngest son’s birthday.

    GREAT POST by the way. love your exploration into the subject!
    (hey… didn’t i write this same response on another blog? hmmmm.)

    • As usual, I’m playing catch up.. but, am most appreciative of your thoughts and comments on this. I need to catch up on your blog too.. is the dissertation posted there? It IS an interesting subject… in general…. and on many levels…

      And, I hope the b-day went well too. My boys had their annual check-ups recently… my oldest teenager passed me up in height this year by growing another whopping 3 inches in a year. ?! I now look him square in his mustache. mustache!!??!!!?? When we say, “they grow up to fast”… the really really DO!

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