He Could Fly

He says, he likes it.

He likes the way it makes him

feel – like a man. A real man.
Like, everything is okay.
Like, he’s on top of the world.
Like, he could do anything,
be anyone.  Like, he could


high as he wants to!

That is, if he wanted to.

If only – he wanted to
but, he doesn’t really want
to do anything these days
‘cept sit around and shoot shit,
saying, he just doesn’t know


~ smj

Heroin,  The Velvet Underground

12 Comments to “He Could Fly”

  1. Very forward and feisty, but so much truth here. Well done!

  2. A hard hitting poem…raw emotions.

  3. interesting dichotomy…
    the self destructive lie vs. the uncomfortable truth

    • “self destructive lie vs. the uncomfortable truth”… yes! and, wow… that can apply to so many things, really, eh? it’s funny how we humans manage to cope… and be so blind sometimes, in the process…. Thanks, as always, for your thoughts.

  4. because thats just what they do… sometimes… even for long times, and we just wait. Don’t we? BUt I guess we have our words and we can see things in ways others can’t.

    Be there and watch, you will see him fly, one day.

    Depression and wasted potential is sad, we all have to learn our lessons someway. Your and His.

    Nice prose

    • Thank you, enreal. Yes. We wait. We hope. We wish. We hurt. We can try try try to help them… but, in the end… we wait… and, lessons, are hopefully learned, yes. Thank you, for the reminder that this is my lesson too…

  5. Been there…on the not wanting side. Funny how you don’t realize you actually don’t want to and nothing changes until you get to that part. Also been on the other side…being dragged down by the one asking. Don’t think it could be put better…

    • Raven, thank you so much for the thoughtful comment. Your presence is always welcome addition here. It’s helpful to know both sides, I suppose, although, still just as difficult a process. Again. Thanks. =)

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