Courtyard Café

The weathered wooden picnic tables
always get taken first. We’re never first,
so we settle around the yellow mesh metal
that tips between us with each careful sip.

We ignore surrounding red brick walls
with veils of vines that disguise rusty windows
and all the watchers that might be watching
with potentially jealous, hungry eyes.

I nod blankly as you softly spew gossip,
so that we blend right in with the rest,
picking the same old shit out of lunch bags
or from cardboard trays in the Courtyard Café.

But, I can’t really hear you over the sky
blasting blue and bright gold in my eyes. And look-
there! A sparrow is flitting around flowerless trees
searching for the last Indian summer crumbs.

Nobody wants to be here today
where even this man-made square slice of nature
is coveted space for only temporary escapes,
and Autumn calls from beyond these walls
with each falling leaf.

~ smj

Working Class Hero, John Lennon

10 Comments to “Courtyard Café”

  1. As I read this I wondered what do the folks who eat their lunch in their cubicles long for when they cannot even see a hint of autumn’s beauty…really enjoyed this poem.

    • ahh…. yes… the poor cubicle peeps…. I feel for them too… although, I am guilty of eating lunch at my desk often as well… Sometimes, it’s harder to leave the sunshine and go back to work, then it is to just skip it all together. Thanks Charles. =)

  2. O those sparrows fliting. MM. Autumn here is 75 and the leaves are falling with little color change. Hello.

    • Hi 47WB =) Your Autumn sounds lovely.. our temps are normally in the 50-60’s now, but we had a wonderful several days this past week where it hit the 80’s again… so nice. I love the fall, it’s my favorite time of the year… Thanks and have a good one! =)

  3. There is a certain pull autumn has on us… I feel it is the release… the letting go, with the knowledge of tranquility and rebirth.

    but back to your words… as always they are very clever and the intent is as clear as the content. Brilliant!

  4. A very good poem, indeed. I’m not sure how poetry would go over in an employment submission :) I guess it depends upon who they are.

  5. A nicely painted picture…of being where you have to be but constantly longing for the life on the other side of the wall!

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