One by one their eyes turned blind,
Pretending not to see her there.
Her tears appealed to all mankind.
Why didn’t anybody care?

Pretending not to see her there,
They kept their gaze from going down.
Why didn’t anybody care?
How could they all just walk around?

They kept their gaze from going down,
Where she lie broken in the street.
They ran her down and walked around,
As if her life was obsolete.

Left lying broken in the street,
Last drops of innocence she bled,
As if her death was obsolete,
Humanity left her for dead.

Last drops of innocence were bled.
as tears she shed for all mankind,
Humanity she left for dead,
When one by one our eyes turn blind.

~ smj

I am sorry this world failed you so miserably, Yueyue.
You deserved so much better. No excuses.

14 Comments to “Blindsided”

  1. This was a horrific event…as I read about in the paper yesterday I wondered… how could anyone just walk by an injured child or any individual…the parable of the Good Samaritan apparently has not been taught in China…tears.

    • horrific. yes. and sadly, events like this aren’t unique to China… but, it does make me wonder about all of mankind… and just what the whole world is coming to, and capable of… but, no, I don’t understand. I mean, I can’t even walk past an injured mouse without trying to save it…

  2. your words capture the tragedy before us today. what a horrid thing to watch

  3. words cannot escape for the knot in my throat at this event.
    you captured it well.

  4. Humanity, you never had it to begin with. – Charles Bukowski. Every time I read that quote I think of this exact same thing; not only for others but myself as well. It’s like I told my doctor–sometimes, you just can’t make people care. It doesn’t matter how bad it is or how bad things are, you can’t make people care.

    Humanity has become a reflection of itself.

    • I guess, sadly, you are right. People care… or they don’t. Or they did once… but stop… I’m not sure… but, either way, it sucks. Reminds me of something my father use to say, “the more people I meet, the more I like my dog”… which makes me smile… but, really… it’s sad but true.

  5. This is so heartfelt, powerful, finely expressed. Your a very fine poet…

    • this was a terrible subject… and my first attempt at a pantoum poem. thank you for the kind words…. I wasn’t sure I liked the way this poem came out much…

      • P.S.?

        I made myself finish watching and then watched the one from the Chinese site.

        This child’s Mother was devastated by this (as any Mother would be) and I hold only compassion and hope in my heart for her.

        I am not sure I will be able to extend any of the same to the people who passed this child as she was dying and did nothing to either help or protect her from further harm.


  6. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t watch (I mean – I threw up and stopped watching – my boys knew about the video and warned me not to try watching as they had seen a bit of it in church already)

    My Mom had called me the day this video aired and was crying as she described it…


    I mean HOW the HELL could NO ONE value this child enough to care – to protect?!

    Your poem gave this child more compassion and dignity than I am sure had ever been extended by a loving hand before.

    Man was this – I have no words.



    • I know M.L. It is absolutely sickening… and horrifying.. and terribly sad… and beyond words, yes. I read that this kind of thing has happened all around, actually… including NY.. they call it, “Bystander Effect” (… Where it’s been proven that people are LESS likely to help when there are lots of people around. This time… with the victim being a small child…. it’s just too much. I also watched the other vids… of the parents… hoping she was going to survive at first. You want to blame someone… anyone…. ALL of them.. but, I can’t help feel like it’s so much bigger than that…. It’s society… culture… humankind at its worst…

      And after all that… this wasn’t even the Villanelle I meant to link to… This is a Pantoum… the Vilanelle I wrote is at:
      So, sorry for subjecting you through this tragedy tonight…

      • It is important to watch though Sam – if there is no one who will ‘see’ it then the world could pretend it didn’t happen.

        So don’t be sorry for sharing it please…

        I wasn’t upset with you at all just so very sad that things like this happen at all (and I will be reading that link soon about the bystander affect. I have seen examples of it – terrifies me to think I might just stand by one day and let something horrible happen right in front of me without trying to help but maybe we all feel that way and need to think more about it)

        Thanks Sam.

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