Weak Ankles

And there I was,
and there,
and there,
and there again, another piece
of my no longer private-parts
scattered ‘round for all to see,
while I stared earth squarely
in its dirty brown eyes.

“Fuck, that hurt!”,
I thought out loud, much louder
than my abnormal upbringing normally allowed,
when such language was usually reserved
and uttered only behind closed doors.

A boy walking by almost slowed down
as I pulled myself up. “Are you ok?”
Was that a smile he was trying to suppress?
Why bother? I wanted to  smile too. So I did,
giving him permission to do the same. Why not?
It beats crying.  Besides,

that had to be one of my more, shall we say,
“entertaining” descents?  Pure gold, I bet!
When my red bag joined the movement and jumped
off my shoulder, flying, like black magic, up
and over my head before nailing me firmly
and swiftly to the already inevitable
rising ground, where we both spilled
our guts, adding insult to injury.

“Weak ankles”,
I offered up as a weak explanation
to the boy already long-gone,
to the next boy passing by, to nobody
in particular, as if anyone cared.

Sometimes, I just fall.

~ smj

Falling Down, Avril Lavigne

14 Comments to “Weak Ankles”

  1. You made me smile, very good writing… I always loved your style

  2. I sooo hate falling.
    It’s like what’s with gravity? Has it declared war on me?

    • Ha! You and me both, Eva! A losing battle if ever there was one, though, so no sense in rebelling too hard. I should be use to falling by now… but, it does seem to only get more annoying/intimidating/daunting… Oh well.. *waving hi back* =)

  3. You’re very talented, Sam! I really love this poem. Bravo

  4. Reminded me of the passage that talks about the feeling of eyes on you when you walk out of a room….no much you can do but handle such events with class and a sense of humor… I guess…love the poem.

  5. Uh…. this did it! I’m clutching my stomach, laughing, I’ll probably have a crick by my ribs, and thats – really uncomfortable. Eh hehehehe hehe this is wayyyyyy too hilarious. Um.. and, sorry if you actually fell, I’m probably not showing the right amount of empathy here.

  6. The lyrics are nice, and really humbling.. Specially the bit where she says its an uphill human race and she’s falling down….

    On a completely lighter note, I’ll share with you something that happened in my office a week back. There’s this guy who sits beside me, and he usually brings along his ipod. Another guy (his friend) sits opposite him and he happened to go through his music list, and he found the first twenty artists to be Avril. The same day he tweeted, ‘I have a friend, who’s a guy, who listens to Avril!’….


    • =) Glad you got a kick out of this one. This was an actual, fairly recent, testimonial poem of sorts. LOL Sometimes, I do fall… this was the first time my bag pounded me in the back of the head on the way down though, I think… and it did hurt.
      Eh, it’s all good. No broken bones, and I lived to laugh and write another day.
      That’s also funny about Avril… my niece turned me on to her a few years back…I’m not a huge fan but do appreciate some of her songs more than I thought I would…

      Thanks for stopping by. Always good do see ya, DL. =)

      • Thanks for the reply to the comment. You do have my sympathy now, that must’ve hurt quite a bit.
        Ummmmmmm, I dont really have anyone whose music appeals to me in particular… I listen to few compositions (which are to my liking) of quite a number of artists. I guess that way you sort of get the best of everything! :)

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