Wolf Mountain Sanctuary…

I recently learned of this place, thru Dreamwalker’s Blog, called Wolf Mountain Sanctuary when  “Sue Dreamwalker” posted it in the comments section of this post.

Here is the video she shared:

Wolf Mountain (http://wolfmountain.com)

I watched the video… and then, went to the website, where I clicked away through picture after picture of this place, and the beautiful wolves and people there.   I couldn’t help but see green… wondering why I never wound up with a job like this?  Then, I realized they welcome visitors… to come and actually be with the wolves.

is this place?

I had to know, because I  immediately knew I wanted to go there, regardless of where it was.   Oh.  California?  *sigh* Of course….  waaaay over in California.  Ok, so definitely not a day trip, and truthfully not exactly in the budget at the moment anyway.  (“Sorry kids.  No Christmas presents for you!  Mom ran off to Wolf Mountain!”.  Hmmm..   ??  yeah… that might not go over so well!)  But, oh.. some day… I’m thinking some very lucky day for me, I’m going to go to this place.  I want it more than I want to go for a ride in a big hot air balloon…. and, I want that pretty badly too.

I have always had a very deep admiration for wolves.  At least as far as I can remember.  I sort of inherited this from my father.  He use to read every book about them, and watch every special on TV about them…  and he got me just as interested in them…  and since we didn’t actually have any wolves in our neck of the woods, this love spilled over for animals in general, and especially dogs, and even more especially Shepherds.   I mean,  I love all dogs – but, German Shepherds always had a special place in my heart – and, my father’s.   Anyway, my dad knew everything there was to know about dogs…  and, I guess, I have a bit of a reputation for being a dogspert myself now… (in case you were wondering, dogspert = dog expert.  Yeah, I make up my own words sometimes.  Is that so wrong? )

I know dogs and wolves are not the same.  I know there are huge differences between the two, despite their many similarities.  Which is why many years ago I ick-snayed my fleeting thought of going to Canada and buying a wolf pup, or a wolf hybrid pup.  Ok, so it wasn’t a fleeting thought.  I thought long and hard about it.  I could practically smell it’s wolf-puppy breath as I imagined what it would be like to raise one of these beautiful animals.  I figured, if anyone could handle a wolf – it would be my father.  And, I thought about it for while on and off, did a little research and plotted just how I might be able to go get one, and then smuggle  it back over the border…  just so that I could give it to my father for a present.   Yep, I almost did it, but, I knew deep down all along that it was a very bad, like reeeeeeally bad, simply terrible, idea…  and the more I learned about hybrids, and the terrible fates they wind up enduring, I knew I shouldn’t, and couldn’t do that.   So, I opted to buy a Shiloh Shepherd instead.

This was the first, and only dog I ever bought.  All other dogs we have ever had, were Curb-Side Setters  (you know, someone set their ass on the side of the road and left them there!), pound-puppies, strays, or rescue dogs.  I even fostered dogs for a while for a German Shepherd rescue group (something I also wish I had done while my father was still around).   However, at that time in life, my father seemed like he needed something special.

You see, the year I bought him this Shiloh Shepherd, my father had just had to put our last dog down – which alone is a terrible thing for any dog lover.  On top of that, though, he and my mother had finally divorced (which was way overdue, but still)….  AND, I (the last of his children and his only daughter) had just moved out of the nest and gone and gotten myself married.  He was depressed. I wanted to cheer him up.  Enter, “the hybrid wolf plan, that evolved into the Shiloh Shepherd plan”.  My husband and I went out to see the dog that was for sale. The Shiloh pup was already named – “Wolf”.  Yeah, that sort of clinched the deal.  We got him and brought him to my Dad.

“Wolf” was a beautiful dog.  He was also the biggest baby, scaredy-cat, sickliest, and clumsiest dog we ever had.  But, he loved my Dad… and my Dad loved him. So, while I will never buy another dog, and I strongly recommend rescue/pound pups to anyone, I also never regretted getting Wolf for my dad.  Not even when they both moved in with my husband and I (and our other Dog, and 2 cats) a few months down the road.  (Huh! Who knew??)

What I do, now, regret is not knowing about Wolf Mountain Sanctuary years ago.   I would’ve taken my Dad there before he passed away.  That would have been… so… very…. awesome.  He… we… would have loved it.  It would have been like heaven for him, I think.  To be able to actually mingle for even a bit with these incredible creatures that we had both always been drawn to.  I can’t tell you how many wolf t-shirts, sweat-shirts, coffee mugs, pictures, boxes, calendars, decorations of all kinds, etc we have between the both of us.  Well, that I have now that he’s gone.   So, to go to a place like this, and look a real wolf in the eyes…  run a hand over it’s regal head… maybe, rub it’s dogish belly… or maybe even get a nice wet wolfie-kiss??  =) Yeah..  I gotta think that would be sorta like heaven to my father…  to me too…. but, it would’ve been even better if we could have done it together.  I wish I could’ve taken him there before he had to leave this world…

Maybe, my father’s spirit already made the trek there without me?  Maybe, he helped me find this place before my time is up on this earth?  Maybe, if there is a heaven… and if we get to chose it, I gotta think, this is the kind of place my father would be…. or at least visit… because, I’m not sure how long he’d stay away from his own dogs…

Speaking of which – here are a few of his dogs… and mine…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

~ smj

4 Comments to “Wolf Mountain Sanctuary…”

  1. Wow!… loved reading your story Samantha.. and you brought a lump to my own throat.. as your love for your father shines in every word.. I am more than certain he is among all his favourite animals which passed.. and is often around keeping his eye on you and yours too..
    I am also sure that if your heart desires to visit this sanctuary at Wolf Mountain, you can and will manifest it somehow… Our Thoughts Create… Keep sending them out and you will be amazed at what comes back at you.. I am happy to have opened up another view to your Wolves Door.. and I hope that one day you step through their doors and see them first hand..
    Love and Blessings to you.. You SHINE!.. :-) ~Dreamwalker x

    • Hi Sue. Welcome here, and thank you for such a sincere and soothing comment. I feel fortunate to have made your acquaintance, and so appreciate all that you said, as well as your blog that inspired me to write this post. I am going to visit Wolf Mountain some day… some way…
      Thank you for the reminder to believe and your generosity.

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