Will Work For Food

“Will work for food”. That’s what the sign said
that you held as you strategically stood on the corner
of my exit. The red light held its breath

twice as long as any other red light. So long
that it was impossible for all of our eyes to divert
yours completely. We all sat uncomfortably

in our heated leather seats, gripping steering wheels,
coffee, and cell phones. Peering out of tinted windows
past your eyes, right through you. Desperately

trying to focus on the long red light above. Trying
to wish it green.

I guess, it still wasn’t long enough. Not for proper
interviews or to hire you for anything. Not for anyone
to want to see you, or to hear you sing your song

over the personal blues blasting in car stereos.
So, I slipped you a 5 through the crack of my window
against a lifetime of warnings. I thought, maybe

you would use it for food, maybe. Or maybe
you would call someone who cared. Or it may just be
a fix your after after-all.  Maybe.  But maybe,

if I was in your shoes, I’d be doing the same damn thing
or worse.

~ smj

“He ask the man for what he could spare with shame in his eyes
“Get a job you fuckin’ slob” is all he replied

God forbid you ever had to walk a mile in his shoes
‘Cause then you really might know what it’s like to sing the blues”
~ What It’s Like, Everlast

19 Comments to “Will Work For Food”

  1. You see it in the faces
    Of the people as they lye beneath your feet
    And all the broken places
    Where they live from day to day out on the street

    You can’t deny
    You push them aside
    Why can’t you see what your doing

    Don’t keep pretending
    It’ll all go away…the world that’s around you
    Don’t keep pretending
    Don’t you make that mistake
    You’ll find out it’s much too late

    Hidden in the darkness
    Is a man who hasn’t seen the light of day
    He wanders through the madness
    Tryin’ to find something to eat and a place to stay

    You won’t reply
    You won’t even try
    Why don’t you hear what they’re saying

    All you do is sit and stare
    Into your world of money and power
    Do you even care
    The future it lies in your hands

  2. ancientmed – how nice =) such a poetic response…. that I’m sure is a song. Is this new? old?

  3. Whenever I hear this song I cry… it is important for people to sometimes move beyond the negative and hope for the positive… a change which takes only a moment to make… there is no harm in lending a helping hand… and if this man makes the wrong choices, that is beyond our responsibility. Great prose… you have a beautiful soul

    P.S. I wrote this a while back… you made me look for it…

    • enreal –
      thank you for being here… and the kind words.. .and the link. I loved your post….
      and, all I can do is smile that you wrote it…
      and play this for you:

      “I knew when we collided, you’re the one I have decided, is one of my kind”… lol =)

  4. i always think it’s good when they make us feel uneasy…that means we’re still alive and care… thanks for making us see her..

  5. ..oh and esp. loved the song line…

    • Claudia – thank you for that. I’m glad you liked this… and, yes.. sometimes, to be alive.. we need to see things we’d rather not, eh? I have a habit of picking up stray dogs… injured birds, squirrels.. you name it… and while, I suppose the odds of being scammed by a mutt are quite low, I still can’t justify “seeing” them, but not another human being….
      I do appreciate your visiting… thank you.

  6. Na it’s old wrote it when I was in Tongue n Groove and changed it when I was in Ancient Medicine. I do believe you have both versions from the cassettes.

  7. Very powerful post….the combination with the song lyrics are just outstanding…thanks for these.

  8. You nail my own powerful discomfort in that situation totally–its like being faced with the specter of every future failure, every bad luck dead end that might grab you when you’re not looking, instead of the opportunity to be bigger than that that it really is. It doesn’t matter what the recipient does with the fiver, it matters that you gave it. Love the Everlast.

    • hello hedgewitch. thanks for the read and your thoughts. it feels good to have so many kind people here.. I sort f expected at least a few people to say, “sucker!”.. =)

      I do appreciate your visit… and, am glad you liked the tune, too. Thanks again. =)

  9. Hi friend
    thanks so much for your visiting.
    I wish you magical weekend.

  10. I try to give food to those who are homeless on our streets and who beg for money.. Often they sit with their dog, so I will go into the supermarket and buy a sandwich and can of cola, and a tin of dog food.. The genuine ones will give you big smile and a grateful thank you.. while those who are just after money look down their noses at your offerings…

    If I were stood at the lights maybe I would have done the same as you, I would like to think so.. :-)

    • That’s cool that you get them a meal… and I’m sure the dog appreciates that! I bet you some of those homeless people take way better care of their dogs than so many who are “well off”. It doesn’t take much to make a dog happy…

      I wonder if there is some kind of charity for homeless people and their pets… ? If not, there should be… hmmmm…?

      thanks for your thoughts, and visit here, Sue. Much appreciated..

  11. You presented the situation thoughtfully– what to do w/ it is always the question.

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