Through the Woods

My Woods (smj)Like the seasons, I move through you, finding myself again

and again, along familiar dirt trails that are so worn in parts

the clay has turned to sand, as if even the ocean was once here,

coursing through your veins, searching for some serenity,

before making its way back to the coast, and leaving

some beach in its wake.

~ smj


23 Comments to “Through the Woods”

  1. Absolutely a beautiful verse to start my day…thank you!

    • =) thanks Charles. Glad you liked this one… it had been sitting on the back burner… with more to it than this that I couldn’t quite get right… and in the end… I kept this much of it.

  2. There is a wood near where we love, and I use it for just exactly that same purpose, but not always with such deep reflections. :)

  3. nice..i can identify with this…walk a lot in the woods as well..and sometimes the outside walk becomes an inside walk..

  4. “the day has turned to sand”—ahhhhh I like that notion.
    Hello–good to see your writing.

  5. This is lovely, i found you by accident, through thinking to hard. truly enjoyed this read..yes lovely:)

  6. beautiful and thought out. I love the symbolism and the freedom I sense in this verse. another treasure!

  7. I love this offering Samantha. I may not always comment but read your blog often. You have a beautiful way with words and this is just gorgeous. “I move through you, finding myself again” < love, love that line.
    Happy New year to you


  8. And feels like wandering deep into and through the familiar worn paths of your words and thoughts here.

  9. i like wandering through some familiar trails like this… you have expressed it so much in such few words. i did enjoy this.

    • thank you hames. I kept thinking this should be longer… tried to go back to it and add on… but, only this part seemed really to capture what I was trying to say…

      I’m glad you liked it.

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