What we do for beauty…

As I sit here… Wrapped in tin foil… Feeling guilty for taking the time and spending money on myself… Even though its the first time in…. ummmm????  Years? Yes, years since I’ve gone to a really nice salon & had my hair done.. it occurred to me that…

Wait. Nope. Nothing really occurred to me. Other than the fact that I could never work in a salon. Too much senseless noise.. womens voices all melding together… into umpteen, individual, incomprehendable stories.. “And then she said”…. “oh my God, really?”… blah blah blah. This better be worth it.

2 Comments to “What we do for beauty…”

  1. One should always take time to pamper themselves…it’s a hard life. :-)

    • This is true. And too often we are low on our own list of priorities… but, I am not a very girly girl by nature… always a little out of my element at a salon. I’m more at home hanging with the guys playing pool or cards. Lol

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