Trip Tomorrow…

Ever not want to go to bed, because you don’t want to  deal with tomorrow, and would rather just stay with today?   Yeah.  That’s where I’m at….  but, look –  there, I can see tomorrow  grinning at me, slyly, by the light of tonight’s moon…  while it slowly, threateningly, creeps closer and closer…
It never cares what I want… especially when it’s carrying in Monday on its back.

I guess, I better make a break for my poor pillow… the one that gave up calling me hours ago…

Wish me luck…

and, trip tomorrow if you see it coming, would ya?


22 Comments to “Trip Tomorrow…”

  1. i wonder…is that the feeling that comes when you start believing
    that you have fewer tomorrows ahead of you than yesterdays behind you?

    • lol… maybe… probably… ok, yes. But, it also happens, I’ve found, when you have given your notice in your current position at work.. but, still have a few weeks before making the move… Hard to feel motivated when I just want to move on…

  2. I would help you out, since I’m notoriously talented at doing my impression of a speed bump, but tomorrow being just as notoriously expert at evading responsibility for its word, I’d probably only manage to trip it into a lifeboat, and something might run aground on you, so instead I’ll just poke along a smile and a kiss and wish your today and your yesterdays well, and maybe your tomorrow can go off tripping on someone else for a change.

    • maggie – lol… I like your plan B much, much, better. Speed bump impressions don’t sound like something you should try – regardless of how talented you are… and I know you are very… but, still..
      And, this did make me smile… so, thank you very much. =)

  3. Luck Luck Luck!
    You are wished MUCH LUCK!

  4. Well here I am just a working man(woman)
    Living life paycheck to paycheck
    No matter how hard I try just getting by
    Just dosen’t seem to cut it
    It’s been five long years blood,sweat and tears
    And the days keep gettin’ longer
    Well the work is piling on it’s the same old song
    Bout time I didn’t belong here

    Move On Gotta move on
    Move On Been singin’ the same old song
    Move On Right NOW!!!!

    Well I do my best and thats not in jest
    Just to do everything that I can
    Know it inside and out without a doubt
    You want it done right i’m your man(woman)
    All I gotta say is it don’t pay
    Doin’ all the things that they ask for
    Cos when friday comes and you see your sum
    You find you don’t get what you worked for

    So I hit the street just to try and meet most of my expectations
    Goin’ here and there and everywhere showing off my qualifications
    Puttin’ on a smile knowin all the while that my chances are slim to none
    But I gotta keep on hittin every one
    Cos I know my time will come

    Move On

  5. I can’t even see today, with it staring at me… dragging me along on its whim. Perhaps if I see tomorrow, I will try to teach today a lesson. keep you posted. E


  6. I tried to slam-dunk it, but it got up and just kept on running! (Time has a way of always doing that, damn it)

  7. I like the personification here. It’s really good:)

  8. ok… yeah… that would be my tonight. Avoiding the silence of sleep when the voices in my head can be heard too clear. Knowing that when the morning comes, it all starts over again… I sometimes question the cliche “tomorrow’s a new day”– sometimes, it isn’t. It’s just another day.

  9. Still wishing you the best of luck and even better, for each tomorrow that comes to you.

    • Thank you maggie for your thoughts, and well wishes. I will take both, gladly, and wish you the same in return. =)

      Luck. Sometimes, I think everything comes down to luck.

      “I’d rather be lucky than good!” ;)

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