“Follow Your Bliss”

Someone told me recently, I should not quit my day job. No, I wasn’t singing… (for once).  It was my boss, when I told him I was interviewing for a different job.  He didn’t want me to leave.  Unless I was leaving for my “dream job”.  Then, by all means… he said, I should “follow my bliss”.

“Follow my BLISS”??

I wondered, aloud, if he really thought that my current position was “blissful”? Seriously?   I mean, I get along great with him… but, he was just a part of the so, very not, blissful picture.   In his defense, I think he just meant not to take any old job just to get away from there..  but, still, I found myself wondering, was I following my bliss??  Would this new job I was interviewing for be “blissful”?  I didn’t wonder for long, I was sure it would not be.  It would be a job.  Hopefully, it would at least be a better job…  and my definition of “better”, in this case, is more money and a lot less BS.  Less BS is good.  Less BS makes me, at least, happi-ER. Maybe not really happy.  Certainly, it would not make me blissful, but at least it would be better.   And, maybe, sometimes, we have to just pick the lesser of two evils.

I then wondered how many people really are “following their bliss”, and getting paid for it, I mean?  I’m sure they are out there (the lucky bastards!)… but how many?  Are you?  I’d love to hear from you if you are.  I promise not to hate you too much if you say you are.   I also wonder how many people try to follow their bliss, and wind up completely devastated when it doesn’t work out?   When that happens, as I’m also sure it does, was it worth it?  And, how many others are out there, who, like me, need to find their bliss outside of “work”?   Or worse yet, how many don’t follow it at all?  How many completely give up on their dreams… their bliss…  and accept their miserable fates?

“Bliss”.  How do you define “bliss” anyway?  What makes you “blissful”?
To each their own, I’m sure.  I told my (then)boss, that if I was “following my bliss”, I’d be living out on a huge chunk of beautiful land someplace, with my family, and running a huge dog rescue group, and fostering and adopting a bunch of kids that would gladly help out with the dogs. Ever see “Pit Bulls and Paroles“?  Well, picture something similar, except way better, called “Curb-side Setters and Kids”.  Nice, huh? I seriously think it’s a great idea!  Oh, and then, I’d be writing all about it.  Books… poems…  “How-to save-a-life” manuals(dogs lives, kids lives, my life, yours)…  songs…  which I could sing as much as I wanted and nobody could tell me to “not quit my day job” cause I already would have! ;)   And, THEN, of course there would be someone (very special) who would be paying me BIG bucks for doing all this so that I could focus on my bliss rather than the dog poop parts of this scenario.  =)

Whaddaya think? =)

Yeah.. My (ex)boss looked at me like I had 3 heads too.  I guess his idea of “bliss” was a little more practical…   But, hey, if you, dear reader, thought that all sounded pretty damn good, and you are feeling pretty damn special?   Well, you let me know.  ;)

Ultimately, don’t we make our own bliss?  Don’t we decide if our cup is half full, or half empty?  Don’t we all have dreams and think things could be better?  Is that so wrong? Or are the truly blissful people the ones that simply truly appreciate what they have?  I bet there are people out there who would kill for my “unblissful” job… my old one, or my new one (cause, oh yeah – I took that new job).  I know I’m fortunate to have a job… let alone, a choice of jobs.  Maybe, I should be a little more thankful for the day-job I have and not think of it as the lesser of too evils so much, before real life steps up and reminds me just how evil it can be.

So, I’m thinking, I’m thankful to have this new job.  This “better” job.   I just need to keep it in perspective.  It’s a job.  I don’t hate it… but, it’s not “my bliss” and never will be.  And, so, I can not let it consume me, and take over me, like I’ve a history of doing.  I’m older.  I should be wiser, right?   I need to remember to get my bliss where I can.  I need to get back to me (again).

And, all this self-pep-talk really brings me to another (and possibly my main) point…

I really need to start writing again…

~ smj

33 Comments to ““Follow Your Bliss””

  1. Ok here I am talking to you! :-) and yes follow your dream.. follow your heart.. .. And always live in Graitude which you seem to be doing.. And doors will never be shut.. as you see you glass as always being Half full…….. Love and Blessings~Sue Dreamwalker

  2. Writing is always good therapy. some of the best available.

    • pharph – yes… I concur. =) Writing has probably kept me from going completely over the deep end my whole life.. well, at least since I could hold a pen… ;)

      thank you for the read =)

  3. What a strange thing for him to have said…at least in the sense that bliss that state of spiritual blessedness is typically reached after death…I say go for a job that you enjoy and fulfills your personal needs…just a random thought on my part though.

    • thanks Charles…. It’s funny… he said it… but, after I asked him about it… he sort of took it back saying he just didn’t want me to leave for any old job… and, question what was “better”. Really, he just didn’t want me to leave… but, ultimately, he wished me well… didn’t blame me… and, we are still friends… so, it’s all good. And, yes.. I do enjoy my new job… so far… and it’s helping put food on the table.. so, can’t complain. If I win the lotto tomorrow, though, I am so out of there. LOL ;)

  4. Uh – I see why you might want to change jobs…

    Your real idea of bliss is beautiful – something that brought tears to my eyes actually.

    I didn’t think once about your three heads – I was busy looking at your huge heart and wondering if there was some way I could help you get a ranch somewhere…

    In the end I will hope that you get a job where you are appreciated for all that you do and you are paid enough that you can save toward bigger and better dreams.

    Good luck and peace,


    • Thanks L… (hey? did you lose the M?) Anyway – I’m glad you could appreciate my dream… I think, it may be a bit lofty… but, I also think… I could find ways to incorporate parts of it into my life… and that is my goal. I will work for a living.. but, I will not live for my work.. not my “job”/work… I mean. Oh – I’ll be a damn good employee… but, it won’t be my life… and, I hope that in my “real life” I can find my bliss in bits and pieces..

      Thank you, as always, for the kind words. =)

      • The ‘M’ stands for ‘moon’ – the ‘L’ for light – ‘L’ is also the first letter of my name.

        Maybe we all need to look for our bliss in bits and pieces Sam – what if that is the only way we can ever truly appreciate it?

        I like your way of seeing the bigger picture.

        It feels like common sense and it feels like something I could do myself.

        One bit or piece at a time.

        Thank you.


  5. Reblogged this on 2me4art and commented:
    In a couple of weeks, I’m going to be strapped to an operation table, having a pain pump installed. I will play this on my iPad when the whole thing is scary & hard.

    • 2me4art – oh no… that doesn’t sound like much fun at all. will you be out of commission for long? I hope all goes as smoothly and stresslessly as possible.. Did you mean you would listen to the song? It is pretty funny. Monty Python makes me laugh… either way, I am truly honored if anything I wrote.. or posted might cheer you up.

      Thanks for the visit and comment. Much appreciated. =)

  6. it seems that the current phase of the moon or
    someone has spiked the nations water supply
    with some mind altering “job/life dissatisfaction drug”… lol.

    there’s a lot to be said for chasing your dreams, finding your passion,
    and the resultant angst from NOT doing so.

    Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. – Harriet Tubman

    pe@ce ;-)

    • aaahhh… yes… the resultant angst… yes… that does suck, doesn’t it? I think, part of that is when you wake up and realize, you dreamt up some wonderful dreams that just might not come true… maybe, you forgot about them for too long… maybe, things just changed… or worse… maybe you forgot to dream any. yep. that will get the angst going, eh? loletinf

      I have many dreams… It took me a while to acknowledge some of them… but, there were those that were always there… Then, there was the ones I only dared to dream more recently. I decided, I’m going to keep dreaming up more… big dreams… little ones… and, maybe, I’ll increase my odds of hitting a few of them that way… and, if one of them isn’t my “dream job”… well, hopefully, I will have enough of the others make up the difference.


  7. Who are you and what are you doing inside my head?! ;) Seriously, this sounds like me reasoning. I’ve done A LOT of thinking about career choices the last couple of years because I’ve felt like my dreams, my passions, my true potential hasn’t matched the work I’ve chosen. I’ve gotten caught up in the work-to-save-money-to-travel-and-live-trap.

    Some examples include http://inwardsun.wordpress.com/2011/01/22/what-is-it-you-do-excactly/ and http://inwardsun.wordpress.com/2011/02/28/the-coach-that-never-left-the-station/

    At the moment I am not struggling with my work choice because I decided to put those thoughts on hold and rather let things have their course, and move towards things that attract me – even when I feel scared or doubtful.

    Sorry, I’m talking about myself here! What I wanted to say is that I love the way you wrote this..starting off with all the questions, the doubts, the frustration….but see what happened after you expressed your dream! Somewhere deep inside of you a voice was saying that THIS IS possible and you started realizing that you want to write and I’m sure you even got inspired to start! There is something there calling you, with all the insights you are having.

    Keep reminding yourself that you ARE on a good track, that your “bliss” or whatever you want to call it – peace? satisfaction? true happiness? is within reach, and try to feel the sensations of it in every day, as it seeps in from a door that is gradually opening….


    • Thanks Sunshine… ;)
      Your comment made me laugh… it is always very cool when something you write, or read, seems so familiar… connecting people who really might seemingly be in completely different situations. I feel the same way when I read parts of your blog, and a few others. You should always feel free to talk about yourself here… I loved the long comment and thought that went into it. It’s so interesting to hear reactions and just how others are doing… and, besides, I asked! lol

      And, yes, I tend to write in circles… starting on one point – or with several questions… and often coming full circle to a different point. I’ve always done this. I guess it’s a self pep-talk of sorts… but usually, I have no clue where I’m going with it initially… I just start venting… and, then that happens. Thanks for the read, and I’m glad you enjoyed this. =)

  8. You’re already writing.. not sure if you should write more.. i always feel I should write more but then why? Will we find Bliss in doing so? Life is full of so many questions..
    Someone once said to me if you ever use the phrase “I will be happy when…” that you will never be happy. I diddn’t understand it for a long time. Maybe I do now, maybe not.
    I will be blissful when….. hmmmmmm
    Thanks for sharing this and making us wonder (in a good way) how to be blissful too

    • Well.. I’m writing… sort of… here and there… I seem to go in spurts… I said I should write more… because, I know that I am usually happier when I do.. . not because I have to… or anybody else wants me to… but, for myself. So, in a way.. yes.. I think I do find some “bliss” in doing so. I tend to let everything else, other peoples priorities and wants and desires take over.. and then, I don’t write… and don’t do a lot of things for myself… and then I am not so happy. Ya know? But, I see your point.. writing more is not the end-all answer.. and definitely not if I’m only writing because I feel like I should. I’m trying to give up the “coulda/woulda/shoulda”s. Guilt. Ugh. I’ve had my fill of it my whole life… even when I was a kid and was the last one who should have been feeling guilty. Guilt is useless… yet it’s a hard habit to break. I’m getting there, though. Along with guilt, I want to give up procrastination and am trying to live more in the present.

      One of my favorite sayings is:

      ““For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin – real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, or a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life.” ~ Fr. Alfred D’Souza quotes

      Thanks for the read and visit! =)

  9. I think you got it when you say that truly “blissful” people appreciate what they have in life. It’s definately a state of mind. I tend to think that bliss, like “happiness” is a hedonistic fairytale, but that’s just me…I feel that to be joyful, or contented is a much more realistic state of being. Because life isn’t always about the pleasing frills, and we all have our own very unique lots to fullfill, with our very own character traits and karmic ties to fullfill them with. Maybe to some, being moody and melancholy is a natural tendency…Certainly many a great writer/musician/artist have created masterpieces from a blue or hurting heart! As for the $ making ventures versus “bliss” ventures, it has been in my experience that any time finance or even the thought of money enters the scene for a passion of mine, then and exactly then is when that passion pales, or evoles to something else. So I tend to not measure what’s important to me through the money thing (And so no wonder I have no money, and live very simple!) This is not to say that my dreams of becoming recognized and financially stable by my creative expressions have not been dashed repeatedly, and I’d be lying if I said that sometimes doesn’t bother me, that I never “made it” creatively. But maybe that’s why: I didn’t want it bad enough because I knew that my heart’s truest work would lose something in the process. I wonder about the lives of people who have become great legendary successes through their bliss. What an ultimate achievement, and of course it’s possible because anything is; and people even become “successes” writing and educating about how to become successful! But maybe there is a price to pay, how many of us are willing to pay it. You really touched upon many interesting points here, and come up with some very insightful answers as well!..Things I’ve been thinking about. Good for you for taking the new job! Making a change of any kind can be scary, but a healthy, positive thing, even if it doesn’t work out, at least it’s character building. Isn’t that funny your old boss would relate job to bliss?!…Bless his paycheck signing heart!

    • =) Hi Judith. Thanks for your thoughts and wonderful comment on this. It IS an interesting topic, isn’t it? I do not consider myself to be very materialistic… at all, really… but, I do want to be able to do what i can do to make sure my family gets what we need. My kids especially. part of me thinks if I never had kids, I would probably be content to just run off and live a very very modest life, doing little “work” and more of what I love… but, having kids and a family was also my dream, a big part, so I can’t resent that. I realized, fairly recently, that I never really tied my “dreams” and my “career goals” together. They never really meshed. I think that bothered me for a long time… I felt like they SHOULD mesh. But, maybe, there is a reason for that. Maybe, having the “dream job”, while possible, just isn’t meant to happen for everyone… and maybe, it’s perfectly fine to get your needs met along several very different paths… rather than just one strait and narrow one. ? Maybe, it’s more than fine. Maybe, it’s better that way? I don’t know… but, it’s making me feel better so I’m running with it. ;)

      And, thanks for the job kudos. I’m still settling in.. and learning I have a lot to learn… but, I am glad I made the move. I needed to because the other job was going downhill fast… so, at least I feel like I’m moving in the right direction – even if it’s an uphill struggle.. =)

  10. I am one of the lucky few, I got what I wanted, held it as long as I could, and replaced it with an even better one. I thank whoever is watching over me but honestly I had to kiss a ton of ass and work my ass off to keep it. If you are not ready to do so then “Bliss” may not be for you

    • Well it’s good to know it is even possible… And I’m happy 4 u. So thanks for the comment… Do you mind if I ask what you do? Generally speaking? And, I have no problem with working hard. But the kissing ass part doesn’t come natural or sound to blissful to me… ;)

      • Sam,
        I am now a teacher, I have been a musician, technician, recording engineer, producer, a lover, a hater of politics, and a misanthrope.
        I hope that answers you well…

        • Well, if I could pinch you, just to make sure you are real, I would… ;) but, this will have to do… and, it does quite nicely… and I’m glad that to know there are people like you… and glad for you as well. =)

          • I am as real as can be, and if you need to pinch then do so…;) however depending on how hard will depend on how much I scream…
            I thank you, and do keep in touch if you wish…

  11. Sam!! very well put… I think there are blissful moments, but living it, I don’t think so. I’ll take my moments, the way wine tastes at the end of a long day. A nice hot shower and robe. Eating a whole tub of ice cream and (dare I say it…) smoking a cigarette when your stressed, even that’s bliss.

    i’ll follow these things everywhere… as for a dream job and blissful life, where would all the good moments go? half empty, nope, it’s just a glass of water, it will be gone before you know it. We make our own reality, and while mine isn’t “blissful” (it actually sucks) It’s still mine, and I can find my moments if I need them.

    Love the essay!

    • Hi enreal =) Exactly, my friend. I guess, I just wondered how many people really have a “dream job” that allowed financial stability (or riches beyond compare) AND allowed then to follow their passion. I think, that is what so many of us think we should have… we are almost indoctrinated to believe that is how it should be (you can be ANYTHING you want to be when you grow up!), and then, if/when we don’t get it… it’s… well.. not so blissful….
      But, I think you are right, take it where you can get it… and, find it in unexpected places even, whenever you can… enjoy what you have and where you are TODAY, because, this is all there is right NOW. =)

  12. (P.S.) I didn’t tell you I really like your dog/kid rescue dream…keep dreaming and visualizing…dreams DO come true, yes I’m sure they do and anything is possible. You’ve got a healthy attitude: working hard for a living but not letting that job be your whole life. The money ventures are just to help support the cause of a hopefully higher calling.

    • Thanks. =) I think, I should pitch my idea to ABC… or Animal Planet TV. =)
      In the mean time, I will rescue one dog at a time, and raise my own boys to be compassionate caring adults, and maybe, look into the Big Brother/Big Sister program or something along those lines..?

  13. bliss/blis/

    Perfect happiness; great joy.
    Something providing such happiness.

    Where does it say work?
    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha I want whatever your ex-boss is on!!!

    • LOL He was on the “please don’t leave until after I retire” kick.. but, the crash from that wasn’t so good… so, I wouldn’t recommend it. ;) Thanks for stopping by! =)

  14. I think you’ve got the answers right there. Life is full of so many different facets and I agree, I think it’s more than alright to have all of your life’s needs met by various ways; all of those of course intertwining into your own unique, sacred personal path. Things aren’t always “black & white”…”work” isn’t always defined by money or finance, sometimes the “hardest” work in fact has nothing to do with paychecks, and the hardest workers don’t always work a “Dagwood Bumstead” nine-to-fiver! But of course we all need some amount of legal tender to survive. It’s all about making the choices that fit our heart’s and life’s calling, and staying true to those choices. When your old boss said “follow your bliss” I’m sure he meant listen to your intuition, but I still find it amusing that boss-man would use the term “bliss” in this context!

    After I initially commented on your entry here, I thought to myself, “she’s got a family to think of and has to do what she has to do to make sure that her children are provided for”… That’s what people do: put their loved ones’ needs over their personal dreams and my hat goes off to you for that! (Perhaps in this case, your family IS your dream, cherish it!) I love your solutions to inching your way toward your vision with what you have to work with today: that’s how big plans are formulated, one little step or resource at a time. My favorite of these ideas of yours is the part where you say, “raise my own boys to be passionate, caring adults”. Bravo!!!

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