Let You Go

When push comes to shove
and it all comes down around me
          I will let you go.

It won’t matter
that you have always been the one
to be there for me when I needed you
and, yes, I know, I always needed you
          and still do.

It won’t matter
that you are the one I’ve always loved
to spend time that flies with
and yes, I know there’s never enough time
           for us.

It won’t matter
what you say, or what I said.
All my promises and plans will come
unintentionally undone
when I put you in your place,
out of sight and mind,
where I think you should belong, and
I’ll tell myself
that you don’t matter,
that I don’t matter, just before
I slip away again
          and let you go.

But none of that will matter
when I come crawling back
to find you once again
and yes, I know you know,  I will
          come back

When push comes to shove
and it all comes down around me
          I can’t really let you go.

~ smj

Say (All I Need), One Republic

11 Comments to “Let You Go”

  1. I feel the need to make a little disclaimer here or something… and say that this poem is not about a relationship of mine with anyone…. although, I realize it comes across that way… but in this case, it’s actually more of a selfish poem about myself… and my writing…sort of… and how I love to write… but, how it always comes and goes in my life…

  2. ouch… in spite of disclaimer

  3. Writing is like a lover. :-)

  4. Lovely (after disclaimer).

    Raw (before). LOL

  5. How liberating for us should we be able to truly “let go” of anything.. of many things, even of parts of ourselves ^!^

  6. Loved the poem and the disclaimer, :-) and its always the hardest lesson I find to let go of that which we love, whether it be a relationship or a pastime.. We know deep down that it will always be in our hearts..
    Love and Blessings.. ~Sue

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