The joys of parenting… and of being a teenager…

Had to talk to my son today after learning he was suddenly failing one of his classes… In the middle of our lecture, I looked in his eyes and all I could think of was myself when I was 15.. and how much worse I was than he is… in every way… and how my parents made me feel… and, this song… and, I had no desire to be lecturing him at all…

God, I hope I never have or will make him feel like this…

(Perfect, Alanis Morissette)

11 Comments to “The joys of parenting… and of being a teenager…”

  1. I couldn’t even make it all the way through the song.


  2. It’s a powerful song…

  3. Beautiful song :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. How often I have seen parents who live vicariously through their children…such a strong song…thanks for this one.

  5. Lovely song and happy week.

  6. I think we have all had to give that kind of lecture and received one at some point… so dont be too hard on yourself,
    And I loved your choice of Song… :-) ~Sue

  7. Wow… Its great… I’m kinda imagining my mom now. As i’m also in school, she’s busy trying to make a decent lady outta me. Lol :-)

  8. Princess… ha! yes.. us moms can be like that. It’s not such an easy job sometimes… but, someday, you will probably find that out for your self. ;) Ya know, I remember being the teenager myself.. doesn’t feel all that long ago, but it was… and I do remember most vividly that is was also not such an easy thing.
    …The wheel goes round… just keep hanging on for the ride. ;)

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