Bees. Why did it have to be bees?

Bees. Great. Now, there’s bees in my new temporary office.   I don’t know how they are getting in and they clearly do not know how to get out. They go towards the light of my window and beat their buzzing little heads against it relentlessly until they collapse and join the other dead bee-bodies on the window sill. How horrific it must be for them. Seeing freedom, but not quite able to reach it, while below all they see is the carcasses of their friends.  If only they had the capacity to grasp the concept of invisible glass walls.  Then, they could take the time to find a way out… but they don’t get it.  Poor little bastards.  They just keep buzzing, and banging their heads, and dropping dead.

I wonder if it’s their little wings or their little hearts that give out first? It must be their wings, actually, because they wind up crawling around for a while before they finally curl up and join their brethren in defeat.  I wonder if their queen misses them? I wonder if they start blaming the bee they followed in there, or if they curse their own stupidity for venturing into unknown territory?  I wonder if in their last hours they beat themselves up internally so badly that their little egos wind up as bruised and battered as their little heads.  Do bees have egos?  Somehow, I doubt it – but then again that may just be my own, much larger, ego speaking.

I wish I could open the window for them and let them out. I would if I could, but, I can’t. I’m sealed in here along with them. What is the sense in having all these great big gorgeous windows, if you are just going to seal them all shut? I am told that back in the day, they use to open but then someone decided all of us are better off with them sealed shut.  It’s “for our own good”.  I’m not sure what that means?  I am sure money is involved, though.

It’s probably to conserve the air conditioning in the summer, and the heat in the winter. Too many idiots who might try to heat the whole universe or cool it off, depending on the season. My children try this occasionally at home, so I know it’s neither very cost effective or efficient – but is very frustrating to the one who has to pay the gas and electricity bill.  Still, so far, I haven’t sealed my windows with black tar at home.

They are probably sealed more for liability reasons. Safety. Did someone jump out one of these windows back in the day ? I can (sadly) almost get my head around that. The desperation to escape, this place or in general at times, I mean. But man, couldn’t they have just used the roof? Did they have to go and spoil it for the rest of us poor slobs that are held up in here? Maybe, like the bees, this person just panicked and couldn’t take the time to think it all through.   Like them, he was just too busy beating himself up to find a better way out.

Some guys from environmental services came. They said they’d be back, and in the mean time they put some sticky cardboard down now near the window to catch the bees that are not quite dead yet. As if the whole scene wasn’t horrific enough. I tried to close the blinds to hide all the ugliness of this business of dying bees, but they blinds won’t go down. It figures. Maybe it’s for the best. Covering up things never really solves anything. I’m only in this office for a couple more days anyway. After that I can move back into my newly remodeled office around the corner with new paint, new carpet, no bees, and the same old sealed shut windows. In the mean time I’ll just have to watch this real life horror movie for bees play out.

I wonder what kind of hidden sticky paper they may have set out to catch me when I fall..??..  because, I’m pretty sure that when it comes right down to it, the folks around here are not going to help me up, or out, either…

Maybe if I “accidentally” threw my stapler or something through the window, the bees and I could both escape intact? Maybe. I’m not sure though, so I guess I’ll just keep an eye out for sticky paper, and beat my head in unison with the bees against my own invisible walls for now…

~ smj

10 Comments to “Bees. Why did it have to be bees?”

  1. Hmm…seems to me you should have taken your vacation. :-)

  2. I’m with slpmartin regarding your vacation taking. You know, this sounds like the raw material for a great story –and horror movie screenplay. Seriously. Complete with the ghosts of the suicides you’ve already imagined.

  3. We’re constantly unfair to them , aren’t we? Think of each little worker in the hive making hundreds of flights to the flowers and gathering that wee bit of honey in its proboscis that it would deposit in the cells for their little babies..think of the hundred of bees repeating that till the hive is heavy with honey and then we smart asses collect and bottle the honey without the least bit of remorse. Monsters we are!!!:-)

  4. maybe you could do some detective work and find where they are coming in , close it off and save them….
    course you have made such a profound story of them….I almost feel like that sometimes…pounding my head against obstacles on a daily basis until I just curl up and wanna die….no escape…

  5. We honestly are very cruel to them… Its sad that human beings are so self centered and mean…

  6. Yeah. U’re right. Its really a pity to see the one’s who’re called the “most civilised” of all, behaving in an absolutely disgusting way… Moreover our violent behaviour is a disrespect to our god cuz instead of thanking him for the beauty of the creatures, we destroy them, thus implying that we didn’t appretiate god’s gift to us…. Dont you agree???
    muneera <3

  7. I was just talking about the “bee incident”the other day… Except, the part I was talking about I didn’t mention in my above, long rambling post. It must have happened after I wrote that…

    I was remembering how I hated hearing the poor bees buzzing & bumping into the window… but how it was even worse when the maintenance people put some sticky paper at the bottom of the window. I recalled how I heard even louder buzzing directly behind my chair & when I looked it was because this poor bee, that was still very much alive, was stuck to the paper & trying desperately to fly away. I felt bad for the bee… suffering like that, & decided it would be better to end his misery. I had just started using a crutch around that time, so I took my crutch, summed up my inner Kevorkian and tried to squash the poor bee as quickly as possible. Well, I squashed him alright (ewww)… and the buzzing stopped… but then I realized the dead-bee infested sticky paper was now securely stuck to my crutch. Shaking did nothing but drop a wing or two. So, I tried to hold the corner of the bee-paper down with my shoe & pull it off the crutch, & you guessed it- now, it was securely stuck to my shoe! ? I mean, I’m not really a very girly-girl, but EWWW! There are dead bees stuck to my shoe! I quickly decided I’d rather have it on my crutch and swapped it back… pulling it off my shoe with the crutch. Eventually my inner McGuyver spoke up, and I covered the corner of the bee-paper with a post-it note, and then used my shoe again to step on the nonstick paper and pull it off my crutch.

    Thank goodness they found where the bees were coming in and blocked it up shortly after all that, because even with my new idea to put a post-it note on my crutch *before* any mercy killings – I was still thinking that the stapler thru the window idea was sounding better & better.


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