Park This…

Yesterday, I hauled myself into work with the help of a crutch and my new friend Percocet.  I got there a little later than usual, and so there wasn’t any parking spots nearby in the lot I am assigned to.  I decided I would need to use my new handy-dandy official  handicap parking hanger, that I really would rather not be  using.

The hanger is perfectly legit, and legal for me to use anywhere – and, right now, unfortunately, I do need it.  Still, I don’t like using it, and really have only used it twice so far. 

Besides, I do not yet have my official parking sticker from university parking rent-a-cops where I work yet.   Oh, it’s coming…  but apparently my doctor has better things to do then to fill out their paper-work, so I don’t have it yet.  Not a big deal, I thought.  I’ll just call the parking police at work and let them know the situation… again…

…And I did. Right after I hobbled down the road and into the building with my crutch and got to my new temporary office  that they threw me in for three days while they remodel my regular office.  I was suppose to be on vacation now, but I had to cancel that.  So, rather than letting me work from home for a few days, I guess they thought I’d be much more productive working out of boxes.  That is after moving things around on crutches for a day.  Whatever.  This is what I get for starting a new position only a few short months ago.  I started working here just after I had some “minor” surgery.  I wanted to get the surgery over with before I started my new job, that way, I wouldn’t need to take any time off once I was in my new position.  Ha!  That backfired.  The surgery apparently went bad… and I’ve been taking time off left and right for doctors appointments the last few months.   I have eight years with this organization, but only five months in this position – so, there’s no favors to be had here.  No loyalty.

I called the parking office…

“Hello?  Yes, it’s me again.  Listen, I called my doctor’s office, and he still hasn’t signed that form, but it’s coming.   Can you extend me on the  “do not ticket” list for a few more days?  Yes, that’s right, I’m parking in a closer lot than I am normally assigned to because I can’t walk that far.  Yes, I have handicap parking now, but as I already told you, I will normally not need to use a handicap parking space.  Today, however, I DID have to because I couldn’t get a regular spot anywhere near the building.  No, I don’t have my new sticker yet, because I’m waiting for the paperwork from my doc to give you.  What?  No, I can’t walk over to your office and get a temp sign for today.”

Jesus Christ!?!   They are like a 15 min walk from me if I had two good legs.  Why the hell would I walk over there when I can hardly walk?!!   The girl on the phone was now lecturing me…

“Yes, I know I’ll need to get over there, but I figured I’d wait until I have the form from my doc and then drive over and make one trip to get the sticker, rather than a temporary hanger sign and someone there told me they would put me on a “do not ticket” list for now.  Yes, I know that was last week, that’s why I’m calling.  Uh huh.  Yes, I will do that ASAP.  I don’t know why my doctor hasn’t signed the form yet. I guess he’s busy.  Well, I’d like to know that too, his secretary wouldn’t commit to any specific time on his behalf.  Of course he WILL sign it, he’s the one who gave me the paperwork for a permanent handicap parking hanger.  He probably thinks I can just use that.  Yes, I know I can’t use that in the employee lots here without a sticker”

Oh…  My… GAWD!!!  She’s killing me.  She’s actually threatening me – telling me that she can’t extend it much longer.  (God forbid!)  It’s just not heard of, I guess.  I reeeally need to get that paperwork, etc.  No shit.  Do I really need this crap today??  WTF?

“Right.  Right.  OK.  Fine.  Yes. I will.  I know. I promise. Uh huh.  Got it.  So, you will extend me on the “do not ticket list” for this week, but after this I will get ticketed.  Fine. Thank you”.

Hallelujah.  What a joke.  I should have just parked in a public/visitor handicap parking spot!  Employees aren’t suppose to park there though…. so I was trying to do the right thing.  Ha!

What feels like 500 hours later, I left my boxed up temporary office… hobbled up the road on my crutch.  Exhausted.  Sore. Find my car in the handicap spot where I left it… and, guess what??
There’s a fucking ticket on the windshield.  !?!
A ticket!!
For not having a sticker on my window that authorizes me in that lot.

I’m not paying it.

Just what I want to freaking deal with… another phone call to the parking office this morning to tell them, there’s no way in hell I’m paying this.  I’m sure they will EVENTUALLY agree… but, man…  what a joke.  What kind of jerk goes around ticketing the cars in the handicap spots, WITH Legit official handicap parking hangers, anyway?? I guess the power goes right to some peoples little Nazzi rat bastard rent-a-cop heads!!

Ok. I’m done. Just needed to vent.



6 Comments to “Park This…”

  1. I don’t think this rant is nearly strong enough given the events…you’re much kinder than I would have been.;-)

  2. Why am I NOT surprised at the callous attitude of people who have never experienced any form of physical incapcitation. Your experience tells a great deal about our society AND the people swimming in it without a care. Vent to your heart’s content.

    • Thanks 47WB. I am not surprised either. Frustrated. Aggravated. Saddened maybe, but not surprised. I don’t like being so negative… but, feel like I’m a big downer lately, so thanks for understanding and listening….

  3. I wish maybe you didnt have to cancel your vacation….sounds like it would be nice to just get away for a bit

    • Summer.. I know… I didn’t’ even go on my annual girls-weekend-getaway. There just wasn’t any sense in it, when I can’t hardly walk… plus, I’m need to save my $ and time off from work to cover the upcoming surgery… (yay)… but, eventually… I’m going on a helluva vacation to make up for all this…
      Thanks for being here…

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