my fan misery
desperate for company
sweeps me off my feet

catches me off guard
smiles and prods me to drone on
whispers lies of love

just to hold me once
again deep within its spell
so captivating

~ smj

(warning – this is a somewhat horrific/graphic scene from the movie “Misery”.
 If you’ve never seen it and/or don’t want to see something graphic  – don’t click! 
Then again, if you’ve never seen the movie…  what is wrong with you?  It’s a classic!
Looks like the whole movie is also available  if you do want to see it.

12 Comments to “misery”

  1. Aw misery, she does get around.

  2. This gives a whole new meaning to the pain of love..hadn’t seen the movie..so clip was new to me.

  3. hi, beautiful. write me sometime.

  4. Keep him at bay …..
    Smile at him and show the way ….
    tell him you are not free tonight ..
    He should try some other day …

  5. I think we have all experienced Misery in our lives and your poem did that feeling justice especially when it affects the heart.
    Yes I saw the movie. And don’t wish to repeat the experience again! Once was enough. Although the book was I think worse. :(
    Blessing sent to cheer your day. Sue

  6. Misery does seem to hold us too close sometimes…..wanna break free and do some shopping…smiles

  7. I hate the video!!! (crying) she’s such a ……

  8. I enjoyed the words without the clip…I have seen that movie…funny and disturbing at the same time.

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