How are you?

”I’m okay”, I lied
but you started it when you
pretended to care.

~ smj

Lost in Paradise, Evanescence

36 Comments to “How are you?”

  1. Oh…this hits the mark so very well on such conversations.

    • Hi Sue,
      I’m sure… another universal feeling I’ve claimed as my own. ;) It is not a good one, though…I’d like to give it back to the universe any time now…
      Hoping all is well with you. =)

  2. I want to ‘like’ this about ten times more – you nailed it so well!

    • Thank you… I’m glad it hit the spot for you. That is why I love haiku so much.. so few words, can be so powerful. I hope you are ok for real, and if not, I hope you have a safe place to tell it like it is.. I’ll always listen gladly, you know… <3

  3. O yes,
    this all social commitment things is pretty horrible, but try to live with out it (i tried for a couple of month) and you might find yourself a bit alone. If you like it and can handle it and have some really good friends who don’t care than it is more than very fine. it is grate.
    Any how, sometimes I discovered it is good to play this silly game. As long as you remember it is only a game.

    Very well nailed (stealing from a comment above me is also not very social but I think I will be forgiven this time ;) )

  4. it is sad and often times true… for me as well…

  5. neverending circle sometimes……with some people…..but on a side note….how are you…..really?? have been thinking of you….

    • Hi Summer…
      Thank you for the visit… and side note. =) I’m not really very ok lately… but, I’m hoping I will be again…. and I know it could be much much worse.. so, I’m trying to keep a grip and just get through these next few months……. I hope all is well with you. <3

  6. BRILLIANT :) sorry for the shout, just enthused :)

  7. Ohh I love this… It rings true, and I like that :) It reminds me how I’ve felt at times, like people only pretend to care…

    • Tucked – yep… happens all the time, huh? I guess, we need to remember it’s more of a formality than a real question…. still… it gets annoying when you really aren’t fine… doesn’t it? Maybe, instead it would just be better to say, “hey”… when all we really want to do is acknowledge someone… and not ask a question unless we actually want to bother to listen to their response….

      • Yes… Sometimes we start off whole fibs and such about how we’re fine when we’re tired/hungry/stressed/your adjective here and then it gets tiredsome. It’s become such a generic question, like “Hi. How are you?” It’s part of greetings now so it’s kind of meaningless… And yet it can kind of dictate how a conversation can go or how person A relates to/thinks about person B.

  8. I know this territory. :)

  9. So often so true

  10. … so true – except that they do not pretend to care, they care but at a distance, not want it to have to do anything about it. and when I am obviously in pain and trouble and get asked “are you okay? ” l never lie but respond, “no I am not”. Makes no difference, but at least I do not lie. I do not lie about how difficult life is in old age with many physical problems …

  11. Sometimes it’s the time in the darkness that lets us appreciate the light.

  12. Oh I know this one very well indeed.
    So glad you stopped by my blogcasa–really.

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