What If

What if Reality
doesn’t believe
in affirmations
or that Hope can float
safely to shore?

What if Faith
secretly harbors
only dark truths
within her blinding
white, bright, smile?

What if Tomorrow
considers himself free
and has no desire
to form any ties
to past or present?

Then again,

What if  Tomorrow wakes
finding himself
in bed with the present,
intertwined in a dream
that Faith envisioned
long before she smiled
invitingly, and  offered her hand
to the hand of Hope
who stepped carefully
onto dry land once again,
looking Reality square in the eyes
before lifting her gaze to face
a new destiny?

~ smj

Both Sides Now, by Joni Mitchell

34 Comments to “What If”

  1. One can never know the answers to those questions until the morning sun…enjoyed this one.

  2. the love children
    conceived by the union
    of Today’s reality
    and Tomorrows dreams
    are named Hope and Destiny.
    they must be fed and nurtured
    on a steady diet of
    Faith and affirmation

    loved this

  3. and what if….love will conquer all over time….and now I am singing I got you babe…thanks

  4. hope is a thing with feathers, so even if it flies away in the morning, our hearts lift with it. Your poem is wonderful, enchanting

    • Thank you Ray… That is one of my favorite Emily Dickinson poems =)
      When I started writing this, I didn’t plan on it having a happy ending… somehow, hope managed to fly in, feathers and all… Thanks for the read. =)

  5. hey beautiful, I’m out of the loop. I know I haven’t posted antyhing in a long time and I don’t know if I will again, neverthelss, this person started following me: http://sweetlittlegirlmuneera.wordpress.com/ a young poetess. I have no idea how she found me. It would really mean a lot to me if you all could take her under your wings and make her feel welcome, encourage her, she is young, seeems sweet enought, and just started blogging here. I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t trust you. She may nead a little guidance with her heart as well as her writing, you know how us poets are.

    thank you.

    • Hi Charles =) nice to “see” you. Yes… Princess and I have “met” as well. My writing still seems to go in spurts, I write regularly for a while… then nothing… then… I am back… I’m not sure my wings have much to offer these days, but friends are always welcome here. Hope all is well with you, Charles… Take care.

  6. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!! Made me smile through the end. I actually caught myself with a “huh” in the middle… not too many people make me think out loud… I wish I could hit the like button 5 times for you :)

    • Hi enreal =). It makes me happy that you liked this one so much, and thank you for sharing it too. It’s funny, I wasn’t planning on making it come around when I started writing it… I was very much feeling depressed and like there are no guarantees in life… but, then, it wound up coming full circle. I guess I’m still a sucker for a happy ending, after all. Hope all is well with you, my friend. =)

  7. Reblogged this on Journals Of Enreal and commented:
    Loved This!!!!!!!

  8. I enjoyed this. I like that way it combines a innocent voice – almost childlike – with an ancient wisdom. Well done!

  9. ummmmmmmm….. mine untrained eyes struggle to decipher the ageless wisdom of this beautiful piece. Thou art amazing!

  10. Reality, what a puzzlement. Love the words, they are like smoke…not sure if it is the beginning or end of the fire.

  11. I always put my faith in now!.. Wonderful poetry which seeks answers for questions we are all hoping for.. Let us never let go of Hope for all our tomorrows

  12. Hey, where are your “words”?
    Was away from blogland for a time myself.
    Hoping ALL is well with you.

  13. Happy New year My friend :)

  14. Wow. This is a lovely piece of writing.

  15. Its been a while… hope you are well, thank you for dropping over to take a look at Dreamwalker’s Samantha… Wishing you well upon your Journey of Life… Hugs Sue xox

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