Uncharted Pain

uncharted pain breaks
out of foul cocoons of white
coats and stethoscopes

~ smj

========= Entangled – by Genesis:

When you’re asleep they may show you
Aerial views of the ground,
Freudian slumber
empty of sound.

Over the rooftops and houses,
Lost as it tries to be seen,
Fields of incentive
covered with green.

Mesmerized children are playing,
Meant to be seen but not heard,
“Stop me from dreaming!”
“Don’t be absurd!” “

Well… if we can help you we will,
You’re looking tired and ill.
As I count backwards
Your eyes become heavier still.

Sleep, won’t you allow yourself fall?
Nothing can hurt you at all.
With your consent
I can experiment further still.”

Madrigal music is playing,
Voices can faintly be heard,
“Please leave this patient undisturbed.

” Sentenced to drift far away now,
Nothing is quite what it seems,
Sometimes entangled in your own dreams.

“Well, if we can help you we will,
Soon as you’re tired and ill.
With your consent
We can experiment further still.

Well, thanks to our kindness and skill 
You’ll have no trouble until 
You catch your breath 
And the nurse will present you the bill!”


9 Comments to “Uncharted Pain”

  1. Hope the white coats have not given you bad news…a thought provoking poem with song.

    • Thanks Charles. This haiku is abut how much worse pain is when it comes from places you once trusted… and yes, in this case I’m talking about doctors and the medical field in general in this case…

      Not to get into too many details – but, I’ve been dealing with an unfortunate medical situation. What should have been minor surgery turned into major issues and more surgery. It could be worse.. much worse… I am one of the lucky ones, really, and I have a lot of hope that I will be ok… eventually. At this point, it’s still a waiting game…

      The really sad part is that none of these “complications” should have happened. This was all avoidable, and caused by products that should not have even been put on the market in the first place. Then there were serious complications and FDA warnings but manufacturers keep marketing them, and doctors keep using them anyway – and don’t bother telling patients beforehand! Why? Because they are making a ton of money with them, that’s why. Greed has taken over the world, so it seems.

      ……..Uh…whoa… sorry for ranting!! And, thanks for the read and comment!!

  2. Haunting song. I hope your situation continues to improve. It does suck when those we trust prove untrustworthy

    • Thank you papabearshw, The song was so fitting to the situation… but, that whole album has been a favorite of mine for many years, well before I could relate personally to this song. Funny how that works, eh?

  3. Hey Sam…
    glad you are still together, didn’t happen for me though I tried…if you want check out some new stuff (been over a year) at http://gettingtheboot.wordpress.com

    Not promoting just thought you might like them..


    • Hi Bindo… so good to “see” you wandering through these parts…. and thank you for the link. Love the new blog to go with the new you. And, if you tried… that is all you can do. Sometimes, trying just doesn’t do the trick…. sometimes, you need a miracle too, and lets face it… those are just not that easy to come by…

  4. hope you and your body find peace soon….

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