Well-traveled Poets

If only I could travel the world,
like so many of the great poets do,
maybe then I’d have something
worth writing, and reading. But then,

I’ve been to hell and back
a couple different times.
You would think that should count
for something, no? Yes, and

on a good day, I managed
to abandon all sanity, journeyed
all the way to crazy, and escaped
with barely a scratch. Even now,

I can look up on any night, into the eyes
of our constellations, while inhaling
the same black sky that you,
and ancient Romans, breathe.  So please,

don’t be surprised, at least no more than I,
should you look into your soul
and somehow find me there –  smiling,
beside some well-traveled poets.

~ smj

Every Day is a Winding Road, by Sheryl Crow

18 Comments to “Well-traveled Poets”

  1. Ah…then I would indeed be in good company. :-) Enjoyed you poem.

  2. As would, I, Charles… =) Glad you liked this… thanks. =)

  3. Clearly…travel is over rated…one can travel high and far in their own corner of the world. Nice piece…and I would love to breathe ancient roman and Greek air:)

  4. Oh! I followed a road and that day by its own volition poetry followed in my heart
    And that is when I realized what has been all this while a muse to all those great poets
    Not nostalgia, not melancholy, not bliss, not past
    But the voices that beckoned them to the endless road.
    At the end of which they, you and me shall sit smiling one day
    Only to find that God has been filling our cups with his pristine wine
    And our hearts so blissfully gay.

  5. thinks you have traveled quite the road….I believe I would just be happy no matter where I go…knowing I had some well traveled poets alongside me….

    very nice write….

    • thank you summer… yes, I think most of us need only to look over our shoulder to see what a long, strange road it’s been. Of course, it’s the company along the way that makes all the difference.

  6. This was absolutely amazing. I got lost in the middle and the end just brought it all home.
    I’ve been away sooo long. I’m sorry. Thank you for posting such a great work of art.

    • Hello Imperfect Servant. =) It has been a while. Nice to “see” you and thank you so much for the nice comment and for visiting. Oh, and no worries. I am never on here, or my friends blogs, as much as I would like to be either.

  7. I enjoyed this poem a lot,,,

  8. Without those black nights and hellish roads I doubt we could say we lived!..

    Just dropping by Samantha and Ive enjoyed reading your poem.. Be well and take care ~Sue

  9. Just read it again and took a deep breath – the silence of which echoes Amen to our limitless future travels. Hopefully we will tire the hell out of us and only heaven shall be left in those burnt legs. :)

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