I’m getting better every day. I mean it
this time.  Better – physically, mentally.
Hell, even spiritually. Everything.

The healing was taking so long. So long
that pain was allowed to take its toll on me
and everyone around me.  Everything.

Tired eyes began to lose focus, and forget
the healing straining to happen. I sank
into despair, my bed.  Everything.

No more.  I’m getting better every day.
Healing is healing, and like me, it is deserving
of time, gratefulness.  Everything.

I’m ready. Can you see it? The light that waits
beyond the gray? It’s there. So here and now – rejoice
for each new step, day. Everything!

~ smj

It’s Gonna Get Better, by Genesis

“So reach out, hands in the air
don’t care just what they’re saying.
Hold out, just keep on hoping against hope,
that it’s gonna get better.
Don’t worry, there’s no hurry for you, for me,
Everything’s gonna come around.
Shout out, someone will listen to you, to me
Someone’s gonna see…

If it’s gonna get better, it starts with a feeling
If it’s gonna get better, it’s gonna take time
If it’s gonna get better, we’ve gotta start now
cos I know, everybody can feel it
and I know, everybody will see it
cos it shows, and that shows I’m not dreaming
cos you know, and I know,
it’s time for change!”

9 Comments to “Better”

  1. Things sound like they’re on the up turn…have a great weekend.

  2. Better and better. Hope it continues for you, Samantha. :-)

  3. wasn’t sure where to say thank you for the invitation, but I appreciate you sharing that with me. I look forward to reading!

  4. Healing is exactly that- it’s getting better. Not fixed or broken,but arriving at a better place than the one we no longer desire. Emotional healing is like physical healing, there are stages.. some slow,like the forming of a scab, some fast like the stem of blood flow when a clot appears. The heart and mind go through these stages in metaphysical state which is often more painful as it is invisible to the outside world so entails a lack of empathy,sympathy. Spreading your wings is the first stage, now you can only gain momentum and fly xx

    • I have read your words and appreciated them more than you know… even though I am only now responding. I am healing physically…. emotionally… it all goes hand in hand. No, I’m not “arrived”, but I am getting there… and this poem was about realizing it’s ok to allow myself that time and to be on the journey, and not to the destination… in so many ways. Sometimes I feel like my momentum may spiral any second, and sometimes it momentarily does, but I am flying nonetheless… =)

  5. yeaaaaaa……really is wonderful to hear…..

    • =) thanks Summer. It’s good to say. Not that I’m not still struggling (although,who isn’t, right?)- but, I am allowing myself time and trust that I will be ok.

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