Back Where I Belong

Perhaps time travel does not exist

for a reason.  Each season

already being where it belongs.

~ smj

(Don’t Look Back,  ~Boston)


It’s been a while since I’ve really been writing any poetry… or anything creative.    Oh, I often will feel the words forming in my head, or around my head.  Sometimes, I can almost see them swimming above my head, visible – but, just out of reach. 

Lately, that has been as far as those words have been getting.   My hands, have just not been willing or able to grasp them, and coax them down onto any paper or screen where they might be captured before they spontaneously com-bust and are gone forever.

But, just now,  I was cleaning out files from my old computer, which apparently is full of miscellaneous crap (ahem..  yes…. just like… well, that’s too easy, right?;) ).  Truly, my computer was so full of past  information, that there wasn’t any room for me to even do the simplest of tasks on it to help with the here and now.   So, it was time to archive… and purge… and as I was clearing things out, I happened to notice  the above little poem.  I must have jotted it down a while back, we are talking a few years back… and, I evidently emailed it to myself… probably thinking I’d go back and finish it later as I often do.    But, as is also often the case – “later” just never came.   Instead these lines just sat in my old in-box, unread and forgotten about.  Until now, that is.  But, now that I see them again, I can’t recall where I was going with them.  Was I going to make them into a haiku?   Or maybe I was going to run with it… expanding upon these lines?  Perhaps a contradiction was in order (surprise – time travel really DOES exist!!)??  I don’t know.  So, rather than try to force these lines into something they were never meant to be, I decided to just let them stand…  as is.  I posted them as I found them – abandoned, late, but, hopefully, better late than never.  And, maybe, they will be just the thing I needed to purge out of my email, and capture onto this blog in order to make room for some new words to find their way here soon.


No promises.

13 Comments to “Back Where I Belong”

  1. Hope you find the space to fill our hearts once again with your poetry.

  2. Many ways to interpret, many meanings, let it stand! :D

  3. A gem of a time capsule. With the power to reach across not just its own moments of time, but through your sharing it, it reaches out to those who come upon it in our own times. For me, a perfect thought on which to turn the seasons. Thanks for posting it.

  4. I hope we are now seeing the new emergence of your poetic talents again Samantha… Its good to purge out and clear and let go of what is no longer needed :-)

  5. I like this one very much Sam
    you are right,
    sometimes little says more

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