birds floated upwards
out of the tree line, like air
bubbles surfacing



Arrival of the Birds, by The Cinematic Orchestra 

7 Comments to “Onward”

  1. A fine visualization of their flight.

  2. I love that line break between “air” and “bubbles surfacing.” It really gives me the feeling of something rising. =)

  3. My response:
    For several years I lived in an apartment where a small flock of geese flew past every morning and evening, honking talking to each other. Often they’d ‘buzz” the apartment balconies for their own amusement. Thanks for the beautiful video and poem.
    If you’re inclined, share a poem and video/song about “fire” on Nov. 22, or soon thereafter. :)

    • Ha. I can imagine. I’m always thrilled to see & hear the first geese of spring overhead each year… But I can imagine every morning might get old. :-) Fure, ha? Hmm. Brings a lot to the table. I’ll see if it’s in the cards! Thanks, WB.

      • Hey, if you’ve got something in your archives, that will do the fire trick too.

        As for daily geese–actually it was quite wonderful hearing and seeing them on their daily flights. You could nearly tell time by them.

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