Poetic Destiny

I am writing a poem. Not this one.
No, it is much better than this one.

It came to me like an epiphany,
all insistent on being realized.

It begged to be recorded, manifested,
like Pinocchio, it longed to be real.

Words sprang into lines, sprawling out
everywhere. Making themselves right

at home. Using me, flowing through me
until they stopped. Leaving me

to wonder, just where did they think
they were going? Leaving me

holding the bag of unfortunate,
unfinished, poetic destiny.

How fitting.

~ smj

Undone, by Haley Reinhart

11 Comments to “Poetic Destiny”

  1. Another successful destiny here anyway.

  2. Words sprang into lines…………… Keep writing! and reflecting.. love and Blessings to you xox Sue

  3. Hey,
    I like this poem about writing a better poem than what’s ‘here’.
    Destiny is a tough concept when you start to dissect it in accord with one’s life.

    Now, the song and the poem create more together than separate.
    You combined them. Your choice, right?

    We got a message here.
    Maybe something’s loud and clear.
    Or maybe not
    It’s all depends on what you hear.
    In this poetic boat.

    • Hello there, WB :-) Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am so glad you liked the poem about a better poem & my song choice to go with it. I almost always write whatever first… and then after the fact pair it up with a song that I almost always already know & like. In this case Haley was one of my favorites from “The Voice” show last year. She didn’t win but I thought she should’ve & was glad to see some songs released by her. This is one of my favorites of hers & I thought quite fitting for this poem. Peace out.

  4. Gorgeous Samantha . As poets we may create our own destiny.. in dreams in rivers that flow over the page. Thank you for allowing us all to swim in your sea :)

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